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Pests are determined to find a way inside your New England home in search of food and shelter. Common household pests such as roaches, antís rodents, ticks, bees and fleas can pose a serious risk to your property and the health and well being of your family. As a homeowner you must actively take steps to remove conditions conducive to pests to prevent further spread and ultimately rid pests from your home. Modern Pest Services' Home Care Green ensures your home is protected against 60 pests including these common ones.
Common Household Pests and the Threat They Pose
Modern Pest Services does a complete pest evaluation documenting current infestations and works to eliminate your current pest problem with long term solutions to prevent a problem in the future. Learn more about our HomeCare Advantage program and the 60 pests covered under our comprehensive home protection program.
Roaches Learn More
  • Exposure to cockroach droppings can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.
  • Increase the severity of asthma symptoms in children.
  • Carry the bacteria E coli and Salmonella on their bodies contaminating food.
Rodents Learn More
  • Exposure to rodent droppings can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.
  • Vectors of diseases and bacteria.
  • Carriers for Hantavirus and Salmonella.

Fleas Learn More
  • Can cause irritation and severe allergic reactions in sensitive people.
Bees Learn More
  • Stings cause irritation and severe allergic reactions in sensitive people.
Ants Learn More
  • Contaminate food sources.
  • Some types such as Carpenter Ants cause damage to homes by hollowing out wood timbers.
Ticks Learn More
  • Transmit Lyme Disease to pets and people.
  • Transmit HGE (Human Granulocytic Erlichiosus)
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We guarantee your satisfaction with our service and people. As a Modern client, if you are not satisfied with your HomeCare Service, we will return to your home and diligently work to solve the problem. If the pest problem is not solved to your satisfaction, we will keep working until you are completely satisfied, or we will refund your last two EasyPay installments. You have our promise!
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How Bed Bugs Affect You
What Our Customers Are Saying
"We would like to thank Modern Pest Services for the excellent care they have provided for us with their HomeCare program. A special thank you to Jason Mosely, their service professional, who has helped us a great deal with our HomeCare. He's the best!"
- Peter & Elaine Ciruso, Andover, MA
"I work for the Knowles Company. We are the property manager for several homes in the Bar Harbor area. We have used Modern's HomeCare program for these properties for many years. They are always prompt and efficient."
- Ericka Wibby, Bar Harbor, ME
"I am very impressed with the courteousness and helpfulness of your service professional. Your trucks were impeccable which left a lasting impression with me."
- Jayne Stoy, Nashua, NH
"Both Modern and Jason Mosely have been very professional and very responsive to my needs. Modern is always accommodating with service dates and times. I have used other pest control companies in the past but because of how well I have been treated, I would never consider using anyone but Modern.
- Christine Dyer, Medford, MA
"Talk about responsive - they came right over! The service pro was really friendly and showed me what he was doing every step of the way. He was a real expert and he seemed to really care about protecting my house. My home pest problems are solved, thanks to Modern. Their HomeCare program is great. The best part is, they stand by their 100% satisfaction guarantee."
- Carol Sutherland, Lyman, ME
"I am very pleased with the thoroughness and patience of your service professionals. I would recommend your company to anyone."
- Debbie Lemieux, Lyndeborough, NH
"Modern is very professional, very accommodating and quick to respond. I am very happy with Modern's HomeCare services."
- Cheryl Delaney, North Reading, MA
"I feel the value received for my money is second to none. Your service professional was very detailed and happily answered all my questions."
- Patricia Solano, Milton Mills, NH
"Thank you very much for your prompt service. It's great to do business with a company that means what it says. You are the greatest!"
- Dick Stosez, Reading, MA
"I would like to congratulate you on the professionalism of two of your team members, Ture Nordstrom and Todd Bleeker. I am very pleased with the quality of the service received and the high degree of professionalism. They did a superb job and you should be proud to have these individuals working for you."
- Col. Gil Green, Meredith, NHTed Wiederhorn
"I own a real estate company and use Modern at my home. I am very happy with their HomeCare service and have referred other customers to them. I appreciate their fast response to my needs."
- Ted Wiederhorn, The Wiederhorn Group, Hallowell, ME
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