Employee Spotlight: Nathan Curtis

Name: Nathan Curtis
Title: Commercial Service Advisor
How long have you worked here at Modern Pest Services? 4 months
What do you enjoy most about working at Modern Pest Services? The people at Modern Pest are genuine and eager to work together.
What has been the most interesting thing you’ve learned since joining a pest control company? I’m only beginning to learn about the world of pests, so the most interesting thing I’ve learned changes every day. The shear amount of knowledge that it takes to do what we do is only now coming into some focus. So, the most interesting thing I’ve learned is that there is always more to learn in this industry.
What does a typical day look like for you? When you work with new potential customers each day, the word typical doesn’t apply. My day may take me to the other end of the state or just down the road from the office, and the people are never the same. Their concerns and experiences are as varied as their characters.
Have you worked in any fields other than pest control? I have worked in sales and customer service roles for nearly twenty years. I’ve sold T-shirts wholesale, liquid chillers, bottled water and even mail order stamps.
What are your hobbies and interests outside of work? My favorite hobby is working with my father and brothers on the farm. The old dairy farm is now just a hay bailing operation that my father runs. It is even more fun now that I can bring my eight year old son along.
What is the most enjoyable and memorable client and/or colleague interaction you’ve had while here at Modern Pest Services? My favorite client so far has been a land lord here in Manchester. While doing an inspection we wound up discussing his garden and fruit trees. He was so proud of what he was able to grow in the space of a couple of cubicles. I knew that I had a customer that was concerned about the upkeep of his home and understood the natural world around him.
Describe an experience from your past that has helped you develop into the professional you are today.When I was maybe 11 years old I helped my father bury a cow. While there was some sadness about the death, it was the loss to the herd and ultimately my father’s income that upset him the most. She was old and likely would have gone to market if she hadn’t become sickly. But it taught me a lot about what effects businesses.
And just for fun…
If a movie were produced about your life, which movie star would have the leading role (who would play the part of you)?

Patrick Stewart