Protect your home from fall pest problems

Pests can pose problems even in the fall and winter

Some insects such as the Cluster fly, Lady beetle (also known as the lady bug) and Western conifer seed bug are mainly nuisance pests and will invade a home, sometimes in large numbers, in order to avoid the cooler temperatures outside.  Carpenter ants, however, are generally a spring and summer pest but if they’ve already set up nests in your home, will begin to look for food inside rather than outside and can eventually cause damage to your home’s structure over the winter.

House Mouse
Mice tend to migrate indoors in the fall in search of warmth, food and shelter.

Mice, and in some areas rats, are also well known for invading homes in search of food, shelter and relief from the cold weather.  Not only is their presence disturbing, it can also be dangerous.  They are constant gnawers and will chew on electrical wires as well as insulation and the internal structure of a building and may even contaminate food with their droppings.

      • Seal cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home. Openings as small as 1/4 inch will allow mice and other pests to enter.
      • Trim back tree limbs and shrubs away from your home.
      • Keep firewood away from your home and off the ground.
      • Crushed rock around your foundation creates an uneven surface that may deter insects.

Modern Pest Services’ HomeCare Green program can help manage pest infestations
If you’ve already encountered a problem in your home let Modern Pest Services help you achieve and maintain a pest free home with our HomeCare Green program. This home pest control service:

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      • Minimizes exposure to pesticides for your family, home and our environment.

Contact Modern Pest Services for all your pest issues this season
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