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Spring Cleaning for Pests

As the temperature gets higher in Maine and the northeast, so does the number of pests in your home. When you perform spring cleaning this year, get proactive about preventing pests by targeting certain areas of your home. Modern Pest’s tips to spring cleaning for creepy crawlies includes focus areas in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, […]

It’s that time of year to check for termites, so it’s no surprise that we are hearing news of termite swarms in northeast states like Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Use this Modern Guide to Termites to determine if you have these damaging pests in your home, and when it’s time to call termite control in […]

As experts in pest control in Boothbay, Maine, Modern Pest Services knows a thing or two about creepy critters. Yet not all pests are created equal, and some rank higher up on our hit list. Below is Modern Pest’s list of top 5 pests that are worth hating. 1. Bed Bugs Bed Bugs top the […]

Although they are beautiful, birds can cause noise disturbance, damage your property, and present a serious health risk by spreading harmful bacteria and viruses to humans and other animals. Physical bird damage affects buildings, vehicles, machinery, ventilation systems, roofs and gardens. Accumulated bird droppings and nesting materials can block drainage systems, attract insects, cause electrical […]

Bed bugs are more active in the summer months, but that doesn’t mean they disappear entirely in cold weather. In fact, they can thrive in the warmth of your home. If you’re taking a winter vacation or traveling for business, bed bugs are still a threat; this is especially true if you’re traveling to a […]

We all like to feel safe and secure. Whether your peaceful feelings come from a favorite sweater or an extended warranty, unpleasant surprises can make life much more stressful. One thing is for sure, nothing can disturb a person’s peace of mind in quite the same way as an unwanted house guest of the six-legged […]

Bed Bug FAQs

With the resurgence of bed bugs and ample media coverage lately, people are naturally curious about how to spot and avoid these pesky pests. Here are some common questions, and answers about bed bugs.

Flea eggs that a previous resident’s pet left in your new home can create new generations of fleas. Biting and causing potentially dangerous health concerns, this pest presents a need for flea control. Call on Modern Pest Services for your flea control needs in Woburn, MA.

Bed Bugs Surge in Boston

For more than a decade, the number of bed bugs in Boston has increased at a significant rate, causing more and more residents to seek bed bugs control in Boston, Massachusetts. Even more disturbingly, bed bugs are spreading throughout the metropolitan area.

Bats are a natural form of pest control, but you do not want these flying critters in your home. You should approach bats with care, and removing bats in Nasha, New Hampshire may require the assistance of a professional.

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