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If you have a shed or other “outbuilding” on your property, you have probably come realize that these structures often become public housing to all kinds of nature’s little critters.  Especially, mice!   And who can blame them?  Most of the time these structures are quiet and undisturbed. They are also mostly warm and dry. […]

Will Snow Stop Ant Activity?

    In the summertime, it is not uncommon to see a trail of ants marching one by one toward a food source. Once the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall ants, like most insects, tend to disappear. But have they actually ceased working, and what does it mean if you find them […]

Maybe you are considering a career change? Are you looking for something more fulfilling or do you still not know what you want to be when you grow up?  Even if this is not you, maybe you’re at least curious what it’s really like to be a Pest Management Professional (PMP)? If so, read on. […]

  Most people might not expect to run into many wildlife issues in the dead of winter.  And often you won’t. Especially, where much of the wildlife that we usually encounter are bunkered down for the winter, like skunks and bats.   However, there are still several critters that go about their days in the […]

It’s the dead of winter. Most days it is brutally cold outside, with the furnace or woodstove constantly burning to keep the thermostat somewhere in the warm range. Today, however, you are blessed with a day many New Englanders call a “January Thaw.” You know, one of those unseasonably warm winter days that are, dare […]

The Top Three Mice Questions

  (Drumroll, please). Not to be outdone by the Oscar nominations, we too have our tops list to roll out. These are the top three questions most often asked about mice.  Number 3: How did they get into my home?   Great question. It combines a couple of myths that we’ve talked about in earlier […]

As the tagline for the 1986 film The Fly suggests, “Be afraid.  Be very afraid.” Flies are the absolute worst. The astonishing thing is that most people look at flies as annoying little pests; something they can simply brush away with the wave of a hand.  Sure, you can do that. But the fact of […]

In New England, that clean white blanket of snow can be very picturesque, and even fun – if you enjoy getting out to play in it. However, it can also bring a whole host of concerns for homeowners, from snow removal, slippery paths, to damaging ice dams! According to the University of Minnesota Extension, ice dams […]

New England winters can be rather harsh, with sub-zero temperatures, high winds and of course snow! Sometimes lot’s of it! It is also the only time of year that New Englanders can find some relief from pesky insects, like mosquitoes, ticks, and wasps! Miraculously, as soon as the temperatures start to rise again, the ground […]

Would you be upset if you got a new dream job, and they DIDN’T offer you any insurance benefits? Did you ever join a gym and get told you only need to workout once, and you’ll be fit the rest of your life? How about a flu shot that lasts forever? It Takes Time. As silly […]

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