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Mice are great at finding their way into homes, and Burlington, Massachusetts homes are no exception. Those little critters love your house in the winter; it provides them a warm place to live, not to mention all the resources they need to survive. That’s usually when most of us have rodent control on our mind. […]

There is an abundance of outdoor adventure in Boothbay, Maine. Activities range from boating and exploring Cabbage Island to hiking on the trails of the Boothbay Region Land Trust. As professional wasp exterminators who deal with dangerous pests, we want to take the opportunity to keep residents educated about the bees, wasps, and other potential […]

Finding a few ants crawling around your home can be concerning, especially when you’re not sure whether they’re harmless summer pests or carpenter ants that could cause serious problems. Wood-boring insects cause thousands of dollars in damages to a home before the owner even suspects their presence. Knowing how to identify carpenter ants can help […]

Termite infestation costs Americans more than $5 billion in property damages every year. When you discover termites munching on the wood structures of your Ellsworth, MA home, your first reaction may be to tackle the problem yourself instead of paying exterminators. Unfortunately, termite control isn’t as simple as you might think. A can of bug […]

Whenever you barbecue outdoors or just venture outside to enjoy the fresh air, do mosquitoes seem to target you more than anyone else? Perhaps you smell better than your friends do, or maybe your blood is tastier to these pesky insects. Well, if you think you’re a target, you’re not the only one. Many people […]

It’s Spring and pests are on the ground and in the air. As the temperatures climb, pests are awakening from their winter slumber and looking for new sources of food, water and harborage – items that are found in abundance in and around your home. From ants seeking access to the sugary, sweet foods in […]

May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month In an effort to raise awareness on a disease that is already affecting many humans and pets, May has been designated as Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Although many are familiar with Lyme disease, not everyone is aware of the connection between Lyme disease and ticks. Deer ticks are known […]

By: Matthew Campbell If you’ve heard chewing, scratching, rolling, or scampering from the attic then you know just how disconcerting it is. What’s up there? Is there more than one? How much damage are they causing? Raccoons are nocturnal, so you will probably hear them hiss, wrestle, scamper, and scratch at night. Early in the spring, pregnant females […]

Terrible Tick Diseases

As late springtime rushes into Newton, MA, it brings along abundant sunshine, pleasant temperatures and blooming flowers. However, the spring also invites various pests out to play and hunt, such as the tick, which attaches to and feeds on unsuspecting victims. Without an professional Modern Pest exterminator present to provide quality pest control, ticks can […]

As the temperature gets higher in Maine and the northeast, so does the number of pests in your home. When you perform spring cleaning this year, get proactive about preventing pests by targeting certain areas of your home. Modern Pest’s tips to spring cleaning for creepy crawlies includes focus areas in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, […]

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