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Tenants in Nashua New Hampshire, don’t have to let bed bugs control their lives. To help prevent the spread of bed bugs in New Hampshire, new legislation concerning the management of bed bugs by landlords and tenants was enacted in 2013 and 2014. Under the new laws, landlords are required to take action within seven […]

The Winter Cutworm

When winter arrives in Burlington, Massachusetts, you may think that your pest control issues are over until next spring. Most insect pests die out or hibernate during the snowy season, but there’s one pest that can survive the harsh weather to destroy your garden. It’s called the winter cutworm. Here’s more information to help you […]

During winter a little under ten years ago, in four separate areas of New York, scientists noticed something odd about an alarming number of hibernating bats. The nocturnal creatures were taking daytime flights, and huddling up near the brightly-lit entrance to their caves. Then they started turning up dead. Hundreds at first, soon thousands and […]

About 70 years ago, a lifetime for many, a man named Howard Stevenson spent his days going door-to-door selling this and that to neighborhood folks in Woburn, Massachusetts. When he heard about a new rodent exterminator that had just hit the market, he jumped on the chance to be one of the first to offer […]

You always hear about how bugs can’t survive the winter and die in droves as the temperatures dip in Wakefield, Massachusetts and the surrounding New England area. But what really happens to pests when the weather outside is frightful? What does it take to lower the population during next year’s thaw? Exactly how does weather […]

Are skunks settling in as your new neighbors? Are you hearing scurrying in the attic? As the weather gets frosty in Bridgton, Maine, the local riff-raff moves in and suddenly you have a wildlife control problem on your hands. Yet a single skunk or squirrel isn’t indicative of a real problem, so how do you […]

Those of us who live in New England States like Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts all suffer the same burden every time the fall rolls around.  The leaves of our heavily wooded landscape transition through a glorious spectrum of yellow, orange and red hues.  Then all of those glorious leaves drift idyllically to the ground. […]

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is no stranger to the frustratingly wide array of bugs that keep exterminators busy most of the year. Flying, crawling and stinging pests are often an unwelcome aspect of our lives, both in and outside the home. But the truth is, these many-legged creatures have offered the world much more than a […]

T•A•P™ — or thermal acoustical pest control insulation — is an insulation and pest control solution rolled into one. T•A•P™ is eco-friendly, made primarily from ground-up recycled newspaper treated with a borate solution that controls common household pests such as ants, centipedes, and termites. It also contains a fire retardant for safety. As a loose […]

Since 2010, city officials and rodent control across the upper northeast have been flooded with calls about rats taking over homes and businesses. While some cities like nearby Somerville have managed to gain control of the issue, cities as far away as Berkshire, NY, and as near as Quincy have reported significant problems. Here in […]

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