ecocare Fly Management Service

Small Flies, Can Be a BIG Problem

Fly on a plate of food on the table.Small flies can mean big problems for restaurants and other food processing and food service companies. The most commonly encountered types include fruit flies, drain flies and phorid flies. Unlike larger flies, these small invaders breed indoors, laying their eggs in scum called “bio-film” that builds up in drains and other moist, dirty areas. More than just a nuisance, flies can spread diseases and damage your reputation.

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Eliminating Flies at the Source

Modern Pest Services works to eliminate flies at their source. Your Modern Pest Management Professional is trained to identify these areas and apply a combination of spot treatments, light traps and Bio-Remediation for a comprehensive total solution.

Small flies are most commonly found in and around:

  • Drains
  • Soda or Beer Fountains
  • Cracks in Baseboards, Walls, Floor Tiles
  • Cracks in and around Processing Machinery

Fly management serviceecocare Fly/ILT Service: Utilizes insect light trap (ILT)

When flies are the result of a sanitation issue, your Modern Pest Professional will utilize ILT Service. ILT Service makes use of traps designed to lure flies by mimicking conditions that attract them in nature. By attracting the flies, the traps are reducing their rate of reproduction. Traps are eco-friendly and do not contain pesticides.

ecocare Fly/Bio Remediation:

This Fly management service targets small flies, primarily fruit and drain flies. The service targets treating drains and other areas flies reproduce, feed and live.

If flies are found to be the source of your current fly infestation, your Modern Pest Professional will:

  • Fill infested drains with the Invade Foam allowing it to remain undisturbed for several hours
  • Create a map of all infested areas for easy monitoring
  • At each service, we will treat all mapped drains and/or anywhere organic build-up is occurring
  • Material is applied to kitchen floor mats, dirty garbage cans, tile floors with grout, under service lines and kitchen equipment, around unsanitary garbage disposals, around baseboards, elevator pits, etc. as needed

Treatments are designed to immediately reduce the infestation and utilize continually targeted treatments so there is minimal reproduction.

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