<strong>ecocare</strong> PREMIUM

ecocare PREMIUM

Protect Your Investment

ecocare PREMIUM is designed for larger, more complex business environments with a higher demand for pest protection and service due to size and scope of operation, more intense pest pressure, stringent quality assurance needs and/or regulatory requirements.

A step up from ecocare CHOICE, ecocare PREMIUM is a customizable program for large retail facilities, warehouses, manufacturing, and other industrial or commercial operations and well suited for facilities that are subject to regular inspections and audits by third-party or government agencies.

ecocare PREMIUM Additional Services

      • Quality of Service (QOS) Validation Audits
      • Quality Care Review (QCR)
      • Automated escalation protocols with e-mail alerts
      • Staff training on AIB, SQF, BRC, QAI and other third-party audit standards
      • Flexible pricing and billing options for larger accounts
      • On-site and/or electronic Logbooks
      • Available 24/7 coverage for emergency situations


We Help Protect Your Brand, Reputation and Bottom Line

Successful Third-Party Audits: We have a proven track record of attaining perfect audit scores and we will assist you in all aspects of the auditing process.

Food Safety Protection: We will keep you well-positioned as a steward of good food safety practices and a reliable, documented source for pest-free products.

Productivity: Our IPM-based approach helps prevent pests from invading your facility and potentially damaging your product or reducing your output.

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