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We are the modern pest services provider for Connecticut. In fact, we say it right in our name! We take pride in our professional approach in the removal and exclusion techniques for all types of pests common to New Haven, Stamford, Fairfield, Hamden, Avon, Lyme, Glastonbury, and surrounding areas in Connecticut. We are the experts in pest prevention and removal, rodent control, wildlife management, and flying insect prevention.

Modern Pest knows that your home and your family are most important, and we ensure that our professional pest management techniques provide confidence that your family, pets, and home will be protected.

Modern Pest Services in New Haven offers residential pest control solutions through our Homecare Green service and Homecare Vector Tick, Mosquito, and Flea program. We also offer commercial Pest Control management with our industry specific Ecocare services.  Contact us today to learn more about our variety of services and how we can manage your pest control needs.

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Serving all of Connecticut including Hartford, Stamford, Middletown, Danbury, Bristol, Norwalk, from our New Haven, CT offices.

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General Manager: Anthony Giovanni
-Previously known as PestRx in Connecticut, Modern Pest Services in New Haven, CT is made up of dedicated sales and service professionals committed to providing the best experience in the industry. Anthony Giovanni has been a leader in Pest Control services since 2008.

Service Manager: Gary Oakes

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Pests Common to this Area

Insects and rodents are everywhere and cannot be avoided completely. They enter businesses such as warehouses, restaurants, and even apartment buildings. Cockroaches are among the most repulsive invaders, carrying disease and filth into clean spaces that should belong only to humans, but hornets, wasps, and other stinging insects have their own power to harass residents, discourage customers and nibble away at the edges of property values. Other area insect species such as carpenter ants and termites can steadily destroy the wooden bones of buildings, hiding behind drywall cladding and other barriers to the ability of ordinary inspections to detect the relentless damage. Carpenter ants are among the largest species of ants and can grow up to half an inch long. They use their large mandibles to cut through wood and hollow it out to nest inside, making the structure of your business weak.

Wildlife. Aside from the array of insects, the zoo of larger wildlife that live near human settlements are prone to poke and pry into every available corner for food and opportunities for shelter. Raccoons are bright, curious animals that regrettably tend to cause considerable damage to property if not sternly discouraged. Bats can carry rabies, which still is a serious health risk in the United States, while birds and aggressive squirrels can move beyond mere background sights into rude guests that splatter droppings in public areas or contribute ticks, lice and other parasites to the commonwealth. Last but not least are the scurrying armies of mice and rats that harbor human-transmissible diseases, damage structures, and ruin food stores.

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Modern Pest Services – Proudly serving both commercial and residential clients in Connecticut.

New Haven, Connecticut is centrally located on the southern coast of Connecticut and is the home of Yale University. New Haven is well-known as a fabulous residential “college town” and has a vast assortment of restaurants, shops, and museums. Yale University Art Gallery is the oldest college art gallery in America. New Haven was named Best Foodie City in the country in 2014. Its greatest culinary claim to fame is probably the unique style of pizza called apizza. This thin-crust pie is baked in coal- or wood-fired brick ovens, and one of the most popular versions is the white clam pizza. Pepe’s and Sally’s Apizza are two of the most well-known pizzerias located on Wooster Street in Little Italy. There are more than 120 restaurants located within the two blocks of New Haven Green. This 16-acre privately owned park and recreation area is in the downtown district. It is host to numerous events and concerts, such as the New Haven Jazz Festival, and the Festival of Arts and Ideas. Surrounding towns such as Stamford, Fairfield, and Glastonbury reflect the quaint New England feel of New Haven, combined with the progress and opportunities of a growing city. As with all great cities and towns, though, pests can appear as unwelcomed guests. Stinging insects, carpenter ants, ticks, mosquitos, and other unwanted nuisances can provide many problems. As your neighborhood pest services provider, we can come out to your home or business quickly to take care of these unwanted bothers!

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