Phorid fly identification

Phorid Flies

Phorid flies are small, only about 1/64 – 1/4 inch in length. When viewed from the side, they appear humpbacked. The color ranges from black, brown to yellowish.

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What is the Phorid Fly Diet?

Phorid flies most commonly feed on decaying organic matter.

What is the Phorid Fly's Reproductive Cycle?

The female Phorid fly lays between 1 to 100 eggs in or on the larval food. She can lay up to 749 eggs in her lifetime. The time it takes from egg to adult vary on the species, but the average is about 25 days.

Where do Phorid Flies Live?

Phorid flies are frequently found around flowers and moist decaying matter, although they can be found throughout the house. Several species have the common name of the coffin fly, because they breed in human corpses. The larvae breed in a variety of locations, such as dung, fungi, decaying plant matter, and drain pipes.

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