German cockroach identification for pest control in ME, MA, and NH

German Cockroaches


Adults are about 1/2 – 5/8 inch in length. The color varies from light brown to tan, except for 2 dark streaks on the shield-like segment behind the head.


These are the most common of the household insects within the United States. They prefer infesting the kitchen and bathroom, but will live anywhere that is heated, has food, water and harborage. They are active at night.


Cockroaches will feed on all types of human food, pet food, soap, glue, etc.


The female carries her egg capsule, which contains 30 – 40 eggs, partially within her abdomen, until 1 – 2 days before hatching. She will deposit them in a safe and sheltered area. From egg to adult takes an average of 103 days.