Tips for Preventing Tick Bites

The best way to avoid tick bites is to stay out of tick-infested areas. Follow these tips when working or walking in areas that may be infested with ticks.

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. Light colors are best so ticks are easier to detect.
  • Secure the bottom of pants inside socks or tie close around ankles.
  • Wear a hat to help cover your head and hair. Tuck in long hair under your hat.
  • Use tick repellent applied to clothing, particularly the lower body and the arms.
  • Wash clothing in warm water and detergent immediately. Never throw potentially infested clothing in a hamper with other clothes or on the floor.
  • Protect pets by keeping them out of tick-infested areas and consult your vet for tick treatment products.
  • Inspect pets carefully after walking in wooded areas and fields.

Removing Ticks

Use a tick remover like a Tick Spoon.

Ticks that may have attached themselves to your skin must be removed carefully. Do not squeeze the tick as this may squeeze their fluid into your skin causing infection. Use a tick remover, available from Modern Pest Services. Place the wide part of the notch on the skin near the tick, sliding the remover forward to detach the tick, working slowly to withdraw the tick’s mouthparts, lowering the chance of the head being left in the skin. After removal wash the area with soap and water to prevent infection.

Learn More About Removing Ticks…

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Tick Pest Control

Modern’s tick and mosquito control program creates a protective barrier around your home, where ticks are most likely to be found lying in wait.  DIY solutions often focus on repelling ticks.  They have very limited, short-range repelling properties and do not address tick removal from yard foliage.  The most effective yard treatment for ticks is Modern’s Homecare mosquito and tick control, which will create a noticeable reduction in a number of ticks found on your property.