bald-faced hornet

Bald-faced Hornets

Bald-faced Hornets are about 5/8 to 3/4+ inch in length, and queens are generally a little larger. They are mostly black with a white pattern on the face, along with a few white markings on their body.

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What is the Bald-faced Hornet Diet?

Adult bald-faced hornets feed mainly on fruit juices and other sweets. The adults feed the larvae pre-chewed meat or insect parts.

What is the Bald-faced Hornet Reproductive Cycle?

The inseminated bald-faced hornet queen uses chewed-up wood fibers to build a paper nest. Eggs are laid in the cells, and as they hatch, the larvae are fed by the queen. As the colony grows, the workers take over enlarging the nest and feeding the larvae, leaving the queen to produce eggs.

Where do Bald-faced Hornets Live?

The bald-faced hornet queen picks the location of the nest, which can vary between shrubs, trees, houses, sheds, utility posts, or other structures. Nests are normally in exposed areas and they can be quite impressive in size.

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