Ice Dam Removal Service

Every Season Brings a New Threat and this Winter is No Different

Modern can provide Low-Pressure Steaming that is safe, effective and will stop winter ice damage in its tracks. Without adequate removal, Ice Dams can cause serious water damage, mold, and even pest problems.

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The latest news and pest prevention breakthroughs from Modern Pest.

Spring Pests: Friend or Foe?

If you’re like me, you’ve been dreaming of spring since the first flecks of snow danced across the New England sky. Spring is the light at the end of the winter tunnel, and the thought of warming temperatures, budding flowers, and baby animals provided me with the encouragement needed to keep on shoveling after yet […]

Three Ways Pests Can Hurt Your Business

You’re an entrepreneur.  You’ve had a dream of opening a restaurant ever since you received your first Easy Bake Oven. You have put in 80 hour work weeks, on your feet the whole time, running around making sure every detail is perfect, and your customers get an incredible dining experience.  Your hard work and dedication […]

What Does A Pest Professional Do In My Home When I’m Gone?

Great question and this is something we all truthfully think about when someone (a stranger, no less) is in our house, and we’re not there.  Are they looking through my drawers?  Did I leave money on the counter?  Just the thought of a stranger in our home with access to all of our personal belongings […]