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Ice Dam Removal Service

Every Season Brings a New Threat and this Winter is No Different

Modern can provide Low-Pressure Steaming that is safe, effective and will stop winter ice damage in its tracks. Without adequate removal, Ice Dams can cause serious water damage, mold, and even pest problems.

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Will Snow Stop Ant Activity?

    In the summertime, it is not uncommon to see a trail of ants marching one by one toward a food source. Once the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall ants, like most insects, tend to disappear. But have they actually ceased working, and what does it mean if you find them […]

What’s it like to be a Pest Management Professional?

Maybe you are considering a career change? Are you looking for something more fulfilling or do you still not know what you want to be when you grow up?  Even if this is not you, maybe you’re at least curious what it’s really like to be a Pest Management Professional (PMP)? If so, read on. […]

Keep an eye out for these winter wildlife pests!

  Most people might not expect to run into many wildlife issues in the dead of winter.  And often you won’t. Especially, where much of the wildlife that we usually encounter are bunkered down for the winter, like skunks and bats.   However, there are still several critters that go about their days in the […]