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Are there Health Risks to Bed Bugs?

Just the word “Bed Bugs” often causes individuals to cringe and get the heebie-jeebies. With a rising increase in bed bug infestations, there is no wonder why.  Known as the “hitchhiker” of the bug world, bed bugs can easily climb aboard and be transported to any public location, such as theaters, hotels, airports and more. […]

What’s That Smell? Removing Skunk Odor

You let your dog out one fine evening only to hear him start barking ferociously soon after.  You go to investigate, and you are immediately struck with a wall of the most offensive of odors.  An odor so foul it has been described by some as a combination of burnt rubber, gasoline, and onion all […]

10 Freaky Flea Facts

For any pet owner that has had to suffer through the bane of fleas, you already know they are a pest to take seriously. Not only are they annoying and potentially dangerous to your family and pet, they are very difficult to eradicate once they establish themselves in a home. Here are some freaky facts […]