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Got rodent problems?  Modern Pest has the solution.

Our Top Priority is Your Family and Your Home!

If you see a few rodents, it is likely that one represents many, many more hiding in your home or property – spreading disease-carrying droppings and potentially creating costly damage.

Our effective year-round program includes thorough inspections from a knowledgeable team of Pro’s, who have the skills, equipment and “know how” to tackle your rodent problem – guaranteed!

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New England Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a reputable New England pest control company?

First, you want to make sure that the New England pest control company offers the services you want and need—perhaps for a carpenter ant problem or one with rodents or for wildlife control services—in your geographical region. Modern Pest Control offers services in Maine as well as in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Next, you want to ensure that the company you’re selecting for pest control services has the necessary experience and expertise. Modern Pest Control was founded by a pest control pioneer, Howard Stevenson. In 1945, he began his career by selling a new rodent extermination product, quickly realizing how he could help people by providing top quality pest control services. The business remained a family affair for seventy years before joining Anticimex of Sweden and acquiring multiple successful pest control companies. This growth was achieved by our commitment to best-in-class service and client satisfaction while strictly adhering to the highest professional and ethical practices.

When choosing a New England pest control company, also look at the people who provide services. We have over 150 talented professionals who live and work in the neighborhoods they serve.

Here’s one more consideration: the environmental friendliness of the pest control services being provided. Modern Pest Control uses pesticides registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using proper applications with a green approach. The result is pest control services that are highly effective with a low impact on the environment.

To get started with your New England pest control services, reach out today for a fast and free quote!

What is the difference between pest control and an exterminator?

First, exterminator services are just one part of an overall pest control approach; so, extermination is an activity that falls under the broad pest control umbrella.

More specifically, exterminator services focus on removing the current pest infestation or providing wildlife removal services—and that’s all. Pest control services take a holistic approach; while the current infestations are addressed, pest control experts will uncover the ways that pests are entering your home and then create customized solutions to prevent them from coming back.

This holistic approach is known as integrated pest management (IPM), which is the approach we employ at Modern Pest Control. We prioritize rapid infestation resolution using the least toxic, lowest risk treatment products available. This helps to reduce pesticide usage and includes preventative measures in the solution. We also use non-chemical monitors to identify hot spots of activity and then carefully apply targeted treatments. 

To keep pests from coming back into your home, our expert New England pest control team will apply a protective barrier around your house, which creates a great, big “keep away” sign for pests. 

To benefit from the holistic IPM approach in your home, please connect with us.

How many times a year should you get pest control?

Leveraging our extensive experience, we have determined that a tri-annual approach provides the best results—which is why we’ve designed our pest control services model in this way. 

We’ve found that this approach balances effective treatment and its residual effects with minimizing chemical exposure. It’s less redundant and more environmentally conscious than other approaches. And, at Modern Pest Control, if an issue persists when you’re on our tri-annual plan for pest control services, unlimited callbacks are included. 

At Modern Pest Control, we focus on long-term solutions to pest control problems through prevention techniques and education that helps clients use proactive strategies to maintain pest-free environments. 

Ready to get started? Just let us know!

How much does a pest control visit cost?

Because no two pest control problems are ever exactly the same, neither are the costs. So, we customize our New England pest control services for each customer’s individual needs and situations with pest control costs varying, based on the property’s location, size, and materials used as well as the type and extent of the infestations. 

We start with a professional inspection of your home and property, carefully analyzing results before creating a personalized plan for your approval. Then, we carefully apply treatments that are highly effective but pose the lowest risk to the environment. Our attention then shifts to preventing the pests from coming back, which involves the use of non-chemical monitors and a protective pest control barrier around your home.

To find out what pest control costs would be for your home, contact us online. You can check to see our current promotional offers, and we also offer an easy-pay plan that allows for monthly billing. 

Are pest control plans worth it?

We strongly believe they are—and here’s why. When pests invade your home, many species— including termites, rodents, and more—can cause significant damage to your home. In fact, twenty percent of house fires with undetermined causes are believed to be caused by rodents gnawing on wiring. So, pest control costs can be small when you compare them to the costs that many people pay because of damage caused by infestations and the presence of wildlife. 

Plus, many pests can carry and transmit serious diseases. Looking just at the mosquito, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists more than a dozen viruses that mosquitoes can carry, including the West Nile virus, Zika virus, and more than one type of encephalitis. They can also carry parasites, including the type giving people malaria. Since you can’t put a price on the health of your family, pets, and guests, pest control costs are definitely worth the investment into your well-being.

At Modern Pest Control, we provide long-term solutions to pest problems, including but going well beyond exterminator services. Our New England pest control services will identify and analyze your issues, creating personalized treatments along with proactive plans to keep pests away in the future. This includes the application of a protective barrier around your home, and our tri-annual visits will ensure that you can enjoy a pest-free environment.

So, reach out to protect your home and family!

The Modern Difference

As pest management professionals, we pride ourselves on our commitment to defend homes and businesses across all industries from damage by disease-carrying pests. Our knowledgeable entomologists, certified experts in the field, and educated service managers are passionate and ready to efficiently deliver safe, industry-leading pest control services from residential pest management to customized commercial pest control plans.

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