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Spiders: Nice, Furry Guests Or Evil, Hairy Pests?

Have you ever slid your foot into a pair of shoes you haven’t worn for a while, only to find that your toes weren’t alone in there?  Have you ever reached into a drawer or cupboard for something, and felt four pairs of hairy legs scampering across your hand and up your arm?  Have you […]

Is that a Flea Bite? Identifying & Treating Flea Bites

Fleas.  You know – those very tiny blood feeding insects, usually about the size of a sesame seed? Fleas. Once they have set up residence in your house, they are tough to get rid of. And no wonder,  fleas are hard and flat, making them tough to squish, they can survive months without feeding, and […]

Plague in the 21st Century

Quick, what do you think of when you hear the word plague?  If you are like most, you’re thinking of medieval times when tens of millions died of the Bubonic plague in the 14th Century. I would also wager that you think that the plague was something that the modern age of enlightenment and medicine […]