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Green Is the New Clean: Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Have you ever been swarmed by a rodent infestation, or been plagued by a horde of the creepy crawlies? Have you avoided calling a pest control company because you believed they were going to spray their nasty chemicals all over the place and make everything a toxic wasteland?  Well, think again.   Modern Pest Services […]

Attic Tenants: Flying Squirrels

It’s late at night, your snuggled and warm under the covers dreaming of sandy beaches and umbrella drinks and all of a sudden…what the heck was that?  Are you dreaming or was that noise you just heard in the attic?  There it goes again; what is that scurrying and scratching? Is that noise in the […]

Uh Oh! Wasps in the Walls!

Honey – what’s that noise? …It’s a weird buzzing sound coming from the walls.  Maybe you have had a similar conversation at home?  Perhaps you have even seen some of them buzzing around the inside of your home? You might be tempted to go to your local hardware or home supply store and buy a […]