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Modern Pest Services of Rhode Island is skilled and experienced in removal and exclusion techniques for all types of pests common across Rhode Island. Our technicians are trained experts with the technical tools for responsibly removing pests, repairing damage from insects or animals, and building barriers to prevent future incursions. Modern Pest Services of Rhode Island knows that your home and your family are most important, and we ensure that our professional pest management techniques provide confidence that your family, pets, and home will be protected.

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Pests Common to Rhode Island

Insects and Rodents

Insects enter businesses such as warehouses, restaurants, and even apartment buildings. Cockroaches are among the most invasive, carrying disease and filth into clean spaces. Stinging insects such as hornets and wasps have their own powers to harass residents, discourage customers, and take away from property values. Scurrying mice and rats harbor human-transmissible diseases, damage structures, and ruin food stores. Our HomeCare Green Program protects against over 50 common household pests including those mentioned above. For commercial pest control, EcoCare Programs offer solutions tailored to your needs.


Raccoons are bright, curious animals that cause considerable damage to property if not sternly discouraged. Bats carry rabies, which is still a serious health risk in the United States. Birds and squirrels easily turn into rude guests that leave droppings in public areas and contribute ticks, lice, and other parasites to the state. Our Wildlife Animal Control Program uses humane trapping and removal methods to repair damage and keep wildlife from returning.