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As the second-largest city in Rhode Island, Cranston provides a combination of urban amenities and natural beauty. Located on the banks of the Pawtuxet River, Cranston offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation, including fishing in local lakes, hiking under the trees in one of the community’s many parks, and heading out to a nearby beach for a picnic or bonfire. However, this access to fresh water and natural food sources makes Cranston appealing to a variety of household pests.

Fortunately, our award-winning pest control technicians at Modern Pest Services help Cranston area home and business owners remain pest-free by bringing a blend of cutting edge pest control technology, localized knowledge, and top-tier customer service to the table.

Rodent Control in Cranston, RI

Rodents in Cranston have it pretty easy, with plenty of available water and food — but winters in Cranston are typically cold. When autumn temperatures begin to dip, rodents start looking for cozy places to spend the winter. All rodent species have the ability to squeeze through very small openings, which means they may be able to access your home interior without you even knowing it. To make matters worse, although the reproductive cycle of rodents typically goes on break during the cold season, those who set up housekeeping in warm environments often keep right on having litters. All it takes is for two rodents to get inside your home or business to wind up with a fully-fledged infestation.

Thoroughly sealing up entryways prior to the beginning of nighttime temperature drops in autumn is an essential part of rodent control in Cranston. However, in the event that you wind up with unwanted rodent guests anyway, don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you notice their presence so that we can provide the necessary treatment.

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Insect Control in Cranston, RI

Much like their rodents, many insects also start seeking shelter in autumn when decreasing temperatures signal that the time has come to find somewhere warm to overwinter. Cockroaches and termites in particular can wreak havoc if allowed to become established indoors — but we’ve got you covered if this happens.

The natural waterways in the Cranston area are conducive to mosquito activity, but you don’t have to let that ruin your afternoon and evening outdoor fun. Whether you’re enjoying a cookout with family and friends or simply relaxing in your garden with a good book, our experts at Modern Pest Services can keep mosquitos from crashing the party and sending you indoors.

Regardless of the season, Modern Pest Services is committed to keeping your residence or commercial establishment pest-free. Here’s a glimpse of some of the common household pests we routinely manage:

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