Keeping You and Your Loved Ones Safe

When we’re on the case, you’ll never have to worry about a bug, rodent or wildlife problem again.  We take a proactive approach and always treat your home with the respect it deserves.  Maybe that’s why we’ve become New England’s largest pest management firm.

  • The Modern Solution – find out about Modern’s approach to effectively solving your pest concerns.
  • HomeCare Green– learn about the household pests covered by our residential pest control program – HomeCare Green.
  • HomeCare Organic – understand what Organic Pest Control really means, and which pests are covered with Modern’s organic solution.
  • HomeCare Vector Tick & Mosquito – learn what Modern’s Tick & Mosquito program includes, how it works and if it is right for you and your family.
  • HomeCare Termite Control – discover the signs of termites, termite damage and about Modern’s effective termite control solution.
  • HomeCare Winter Ice Dam Removal – find out how ice dams can create pest issues and health concerns. Get the facts on Modern’s unique approach to safe, fast and effective ice dam removal
  • Bed Bugs – get all the “need to know” facts on bed bugs, inspection details and treatment options that Modern provides for eliminating bed bug issues.
  • Carpenter Ant Control – read more about concerns associated with carpenter ants and Modern’s targeted program to resolve carpenter ant infestations.


When you choose Modern, not only do you get protection against 60 common household pests, but we do so with minimal pesticide exposure for the safety of your family, home, and the environment, through the use of IPM practices.

What sets Modern apart is our team of truly knowledgeable professionals, who are consistently prompt, efficient, polite and helpful.  We understand that customers just want the job done, and done right – which is why we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Modern customer’s often indicate how professional our service pros and customer service reps are.  Our customers appreciate how we call ahead to confirm appointments and take the time to educate and explain what we will do at each service.

Why Not DIY?

There are many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) options available on the market, including home remedies that may appear to be simple or safe pest control solutions.  And while some of these options may have some level of effectiveness, often they do not address the pest problems at their source.

For instance, are you certain you are using DIY treatments in the correct quantities or in the proper fashion?  Even organic options, if used improperly can create issues for you, your family or the environment.  Additionally, are you certain you have correctly identified the pest issue on hand?

Pest management professionals are trained and licensed, having the knowledge and expertise to identify pests,  understanding their biology and habitat.  Using their vast knowledge, pest management professionals, are equipped with the proper tools to address your pest issue at the source.  They understand how to minimize pest activity by identifying potential food sources and harborage.