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I don’t know about you, but to me, one of the biggest frustrations of the holiday season is rigging up the lights outside my home.  After hauling the boxes out of the crawlspace in the garage, sifting through the mass of knotted, tangled wires – to then change all the bulbs that don’t seem to […]

Prevent Pesky Pantry Pests

It’s that time of year again. As we celebrate the holidays, it often includes a flurry of activity in the kitchen, while we prepare our most coveted holiday recipes to present at the next holiday party. It’s also the time of year when we may discover some unwanted and unsavory pests in our pantry. If […]

You most likely do not stay up at night contemplating what it is that pest control professionals do throughout their day.  Unless you are currently dealing with or have already dealt with a pest issue in your home, you probably have not spent time thinking about pest control at all. For those who are considering […]

Mice Myths vs. Facts

There are as many misguided myths about mice, as there are for Jimmy Hoffa or D.B. Cooper (look it up, I know I’m aging myself). So to clear up the confusion here is a list of some of the most common myths that we encounter as pest control professionals. Myth 1: Mice love cheese, and it’s the […]

How the Pro’s Handle Fleas

Recently, I found myself cuddled on the sofa with my dog and cat nearby, when I slapped at my arm and started itching.  Was that a flea?  So, I of course, checked my pets over to see if my suspicions were correct  and there they were.  Those tiny little brown specks.  There one second and […]

Have you ever been swarmed by a rodent infestation, or been plagued by a horde of the creepy crawlies? Have you avoided calling a pest control company because you believed they were going to spray their nasty chemicals all over the place and make everything a toxic wasteland?  Well, think again.   Modern Pest Services […]

It’s late at night, your snuggled and warm under the covers dreaming of sandy beaches and umbrella drinks and all of a sudden…what the heck was that?  Are you dreaming or was that noise you just heard in the attic?  There it goes again; what is that scurrying and scratching? Is that noise in the […]

Uh Oh! Wasps in the Walls!

Honey – what’s that noise? …It’s a weird buzzing sound coming from the walls.  Maybe you have had a similar conversation at home?  Perhaps you have even seen some of them buzzing around the inside of your home? You might be tempted to go to your local hardware or home supply store and buy a […]

Do Mice Have Bones?

Do mice have bones? Believe it or not, we are frequently confronted with this question. In short, yes – mammals, such as mice and all rodents, have bones and a full skeletal system. So the real issue becomes, how do rodents, like mice and rats, get into my home?   Mice and rats are designed to squeeze into very tight […]

So maybe a family of raccoons have moved into your shed or a stray cat?  How about that Mama Moose and her twins that are hanging out in the kiddie pool?  The neighbor’s dog, donkey, or pet goat over to visit?  Bat’s or birds have moved into your attic? Are there squirrels nesting in your […]

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