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It’s late at night, your snuggled and warm under the covers dreaming of sandy beaches and umbrella drinks and all of a sudden…what the heck was that?  Are you dreaming or was that noise you just heard in the attic?  There it goes again; what is that scurrying and scratching? Is that noise in the […]

Uh Oh! Wasps in the Walls!

Honey – what’s that noise? …It’s a weird buzzing sound coming from the walls.  Maybe you have had a similar conversation at home?  Perhaps you have even seen some of them buzzing around the inside of your home? You might be tempted to go to your local hardware or home supply store and buy a […]

Do Mice Have Bones?

Do mice have bones? Believe it or not, we are frequently confronted with this question. In short, yes – mammals, such as mice and all rodents, have bones and a full skeletal system. So the real issue becomes, how do rodents, like mice and rats, get into my home?   Mice and rats are designed to squeeze into very tight […]

So maybe a family of raccoons have moved into your shed or a stray cat?  How about that Mama Moose and her twins that are hanging out in the kiddie pool?  The neighbor’s dog, donkey, or pet goat over to visit?  Bat’s or birds have moved into your attic? Are there squirrels nesting in your […]

Have you ever slid your foot into a pair of shoes you haven’t worn for a while, only to find that your toes weren’t alone in there?  Have you ever reached into a drawer or cupboard for something, and felt four pairs of hairy legs scampering across your hand and up your arm?  Have you […]

Fleas.  You know – those very tiny blood feeding insects, usually about the size of a sesame seed? Fleas. Once they have set up residence in your house, they are tough to get rid of. And no wonder,  fleas are hard and flat, making them tough to squish, they can survive months without feeding, and […]

Plague in the 21st Century

Quick, what do you think of when you hear the word plague?  If you are like most, you’re thinking of medieval times when tens of millions died of the Bubonic plague in the 14th Century. I would also wager that you think that the plague was something that the modern age of enlightenment and medicine […]

Five Facts About Wasps

Most people are not very fond of wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets.  Especially when encountered around or even on your home, at a picnic or a barbecue.  And why not?  These little critters can pack quite the punch, with their very painful stings. RELATED: How to Treat Bee & Wasp Stings However, here are some fascinating […]

Just the word “Bed Bugs” often causes individuals to cringe and get the heebie-jeebies. With a rising increase in bed bug infestations, there is no wonder why.  Known as the “hitchhiker” of the bug world, bed bugs can easily climb aboard and be transported to any public location, such as theaters, hotels, airports and more. […]

You let your dog out one fine evening only to hear him start barking ferociously soon after.  You go to investigate, and you are immediately struck with a wall of the most offensive of odors.  An odor so foul it has been described by some as a combination of burnt rubber, gasoline, and onion all […]

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