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Have you ever left the lid off the jar of peanut butter for an extended period of time?  How about the honey jar?  Have you ever dropped a piece of bread off the counter into the little gap next to the fridge and forgotten about it?  Yes?  Then you know the sickening feeling of having […]

Now that we are finally able to get out and enjoy all the wonders of longer, warm, summer days, we are also more likely to encounter nature’s critters and insects.  Some of which may even leave us with a painful memory, we would rather not reflect back on.  If you have ever been stung by […]

Ahh, summertime and you’re relaxing by a campfire at a BBQ trying to enjoy your evening and … buzz, buzz … is all you hear. Mosquitoes swarming and biting are not only annoying but can cause reactions and, as we all know, spread disease.  The list of mosquito-borne diseases is long and though most are region […]

Remember when you were tucked in at night and told, “don’t let the bed bugs bite” and you thought it was just a cute saying as a child?  Well, as we all know now, bed bugs are real and making a huge comeback. Here are 10 facts about bed bugs that might help you avoid […]

If you are hearing scurrying, crawling and gnawing in your attic and walls, you are right to be concerned!  You probably have a wildlife issue on your hands. Animals are always on the lookout for a nice cozy place, like your home, to settle down and make their own.   Critters like squirrels, raccoons, bats […]

So what’s the deal with bees?   Insects outnumber people 200 million to one, and bees are an integral part of our food chain.  According to the USDA, they are responsible for pollinating a third of the crops on this planet, and 80% of our crops here in the states. To say that we would […]

  Your back yard can be a breeding ground for annoying and potentially harmful mosquitoes. Don’t hide inside… Take back your backyard! Modern Pest Services has partnered with several other local companies to offer you a chance to do just that – enjoy your backyard again with the Ultimate Backyard Escape!   You could win […]

While the public and media have recently been focused on the Zika virus and understandably the scary implications of the virus – there are other mosquito born illnesses, that are just as concerning to your health and far more likely to be transmitted to you by mosquitoes.    While this information is not meant to […]

Bedbugs are considered the “hitchhiker’s” of the bug world because they can easily and quickly crawl onto luggage, bags, clothing or other items in areas where people often live, congregate or stay. Therefore, it may be no surprise that college campuses are often a hotbed of bedbug activity, with a constant rotation of new students […]

Now that we are finally experiencing  all of the glory of spring, with warmer weather, buds and blossoms blooming and flying insects swarming…wait, what?  That’s right, spring also brings swarming insects like termites and flying ants.   Termites, though, will silently eat their way through your home, undetected for years, causing serious damage that is […]

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