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Now that we are finally experiencing  all of the glory of spring, with warmer weather, buds and blossoms blooming and flying insects swarming…wait, what?  That’s right, spring also brings swarming insects like termites and flying ants.   Termites, though, will silently eat their way through your home, undetected for years, causing serious damage that is […]

Honeybees and other pollinating insects and birds are critical in providing us with many of the foods we eat every day.  According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, out of 100 major food crops, 70 are pollinated by bees. But this essential insect is on the decline.  One factor is that bees are suffering from […]

Let’s face it… every day the news brings forth some new information about Zika Virus.  Scientists and experts are still researching and learning more every day.  Which means keeping up with the latest “need to know” information can seem overwhelming. Since it is part of our job at Modern Pest Services to know and understand […]

We’ve all seen the show. You know the one with piles and piles of unnecessary and useless “collections” piled so high around a house or apartment that walking around is difficult. Yes, I’m talking about hoarding. Though it may create a few varied reactions, hoarding is no laughing matter. Hoarding Disorder is the medical diagnosis […]

Carpenter Ants are in fact a very important part of the ecosystem, helping to breakdown rotten and decaying wood in the natural environment – making Carpenter Ants one of the most common wood destroying insects in the northeast. However, they can cause serious property damage if left unchecked in your home.  This damage is caused […]

A “Tick”ing Time Bomb

Have you ever felt The Fear? Have you ever felt the gripping, nauseating fear that comes with finding a tick burrowed into your skin?  Aside from the obvious ickiness of having an arachnid bite you, the fear of the disease that can be spread by ticks is very real, and the results can be debilitating. […]

As the warm weather approaches, many of us like to get outdoors and enjoy our yards.  Sometimes unwanted guests also like to join us, like ants, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.  While some of these bugs are simply viewed as an annoyance… ticks and mosquitoes can pose real health risks because they transmit disease. There are […]

Aside from the recent cold snap, the calendar tells me that spring is here.  Spring always makes me think of sitting on the porch at my parent’s old farmhouse, and listening to the overwhelming buzz of the bees as they did their work on the rose bushes surrounding it.   Now, more than ever, the […]

Like so many homeowners in the Northeast, you probably can’t wait for the spring to arrive and bring in warmer temperatures. However, once the winter fades away, the spring gives rise to pest insects and terrible home infestations. Mosquitoes wait around the corner, and stink bugs congregate on your windows and doors. With humid seasons […]

The Swarms are Coming

You see it coming from a distance, a swarm that grows larger the closer it gets. You can see the tiny winged beasts approaching like a black cloud, forcing you indoors to take shelter from the coming storm. Though you may have seen this happen each year in Boston, you might not understand what you’re […]

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