How do Animals Find Their Way into Homes?


When the weather gets colder, it’s not only humans who seek shelter from the chilly temps and whipping winds. Wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, rats, and mice also look for a warm and safe place to build nests and spend the winter. If you don’t take precautions, this space could be your attic.  By sealing up entry points and partnering* with Modern Pest, you can get critters out of your attic and keep them out before damage is done.

How do they get in?

Squirrels and other wildlife gain access to attics either by chewing their own entry points or through existing gaps. It’s not uncommon for contractors to accidentally leave gaps large enough for critters to use as entry points into your home. Even when gaps are small or there are no gaps, wildlife can chew through existing barriers that aren’t made of steel.

Once animals have gained access to your attic, they will tear up insulation and chew on wires. Attic insulation provides them with ideal warm nesting materials. Insulation damage can affect how efficiently you are heating and cooling your home. Damage to wiring is especially dangerous because animals like squirrels and mice can cause house fires.

Squirrels will often sit inside the gutter and chew away the corner where the roof decking meets the fascia board. They can even chew through the louvers of the gable vents to gain entry.

The key to critter-proofing a home is to seal any vulnerable areas with steel so they can’t chew their way in. Once they gain access, your insulation, wiring, and any valuables stored in your attic can be damaged or destroyed.

The SMART Solution

Attics often contain heirlooms, decorations, clothing, and other stored items.  Animals like squirrels, raccoons, and mice can do serious damage to items that are costly or impossible to replace or repair. And when they’re in areas that you don’t frequent, you might not know until it’s too late.

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SMART: the Paradigm Shift in Pest Control

Anticimex SMART is a whole-house electronic mouse control system that is nothing like what’s on the U.S. market today. You have better things to do than pest control. That’s our job.

Anticimex SMART is the intelligent and environmentally friendly pest control service that operates 24/7. If mouse activity is detected, SMART wirelessly communicates with our offices so we can send a Modern Pest Service Professional out to address the issue.


  • SMART technology monitors your home 24/7.
  • All set up and pest removal done by service professionals.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly.

Modern Pest is pleased to offer Anticimex SMART Monitoring. We’ll know if there’s a pest issue before you do!

Examples of Damage Done by Wildlife

*Wildlife services vary by location. Please call for more information.