When we developed our mission of being the most highly recommended pest management professionals in the nation, we had one thing in mind: provide a “modern experience” that people will talk about.

For us, doing great work for our clients goes well beyond best-in-class service, cutting-edge products, industry-leading technology, superior training programs and 100% guarantees. What’s even more important to us are the principles that drive our company and define who we aspire to be.

We Are Guided By Integrity

Man In Front Of CarIntegrity is the cornerstone of our company and as employees of Modern, we are all empowered and expected to do the right thing.

Whether you’re discussing the best program for your business with one of our Sales Professionals, letting a Service Professional into your home for pest control service, reaching out to one of our Client Care Professionals with a question or having a post-service conversation with one of our Service Managers, you can rest assured that we have your best interests in mind. We will always treat you and your home or business with care and respect.

As Pest Management Professionals, doing the right thing for our clients, as well as each other, trumps all other decisions..

We Are Proud Of The Work We Do

Let’s face it, pest management isn’t glamorous. In fact, it can be challenging, dirty and sometimes dangerous. It’s not for everyone. But for us, we know how important it is to protect homes, businesses and industries from damaging and disease-carrying pests. We understand the impact pest control has on public health, safety, and quality of life. We have entomologists on staff, we’re experts in the field, and we’re passionate about resolving our clients’ most challenging pest problems as quickly as possible.

As Pest Management Professionals, we take our jobs very seriously and we’re proud to be making a difference in people’s lives every day.

We Are Environmental Stewards

As a company that utilizes EPA-registered pesticides, education about material usage and product safety, as well as proper application procedures are mandatory for all of our service professionals. We take a “green” approach to pest management and our priority is resolving your pest issue quickly, effectively and with low environmental impact. We do this by using the least-toxic, lowest-risk materials available, practicing integrated pest management (IPM) methods to reduce pesticide usage and employing preventative measures whenever possible.

As pest management professionals, we live and work in the neighborhoods we service and we’re committed to protecting our clients’ homes and businesses, as well as the environment.


Howard Stevenson, Pest Pioneer

Howard Stevenson, the founder of Modern Pest Services, started his career in 1945 as a door-to-door salesman selling sundries in Woburn, Massachusetts. It was during this time that he became aware of a new rodenticide that had just hit the market.

Howard began selling the product, and as demand grew, he soon realized he could make a decent living providing pest control services to help store owners combat their rat and mice infestations. From this entrepreneurial experience in the 40s, a life-long career and family business in pest management began.

Two years later, a trip to Maine proved to be serendipitous for Howard both professionally and personally. He met his wife-to-be in an Augusta apartment building while providing pest control services. After marrying, Howard moved his new family and new business to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Not only a beloved family and community member, but Howard is also considered a pest pioneer and true Modern hero.

A Family Affair for 70 Years

In 1973, after successfully expanding the business throughout Maine, Howard retired and sold the company to his son Richard, who already had several years’ experience in the pest control industry, both in the United States and Canada. Richard was then joined by his three sons, Scott, Doug and Richard Jr. and together they extended Modern’s footprint into New Hampshire and Massachusetts. After 35 years at the helm, Richard sold the company to his sons in 2008.

Commitment to Service Excellence

In 2017, Modern Pest joined with Anticimex of Sweden. Modern has acquired several successful pest control companies and added them to the Modern family. Acquisition growth is a large part of Modern’s mission to be the most highly recommended pest management professionals in the nation.

Nationally, Modern has been ranked as the 42nd largest pest management provider in North America, according to PCT Magazine’s annual “Top 100 List,” up from 80th position in 2001. This steady growth has been accomplished through a commitment to best in class service, client satisfaction, consistently delivering the “Modern Experience” and strictly adhering to the highest ethical and professional business practices, as well as our own guiding principles.

Local Coverage Throughout New England

With the Modern Pest Services headquarters in Brunswick, Maine and service centers in Bangor, Augusta, Brunswick, and Westbrook, ME, Manchester, NH, Boston and Springfield, MA, New Haven, CT, and Providence, RI, Modern employs over 150 talented service, sales, technical, administrative and management professionals. We live and work in the neighborhoods we service and proudly serve over 19,000 residential, commercial, and wildlife clients in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.