Stopping Squirrels in New England

Gray Squirrel

Squirrels, with their spirited climbing antics and endearing habit of nibbling on nuts and acorns with almost human-like grace, are beloved creatures of the wild. Yet, should they venture into your domain, they can wreak havoc with their tenacious determination to find food and shelter. Despite their charm, it’s crucial to keep these furry little bandits at bay. Here’s how Modern Pest Services, serving New England with distinction, advises you to keep squirrels on the outside looking in.

Diminish Food Sources Nearby

Bird feeders are known to attract more than just birds—they’re a magnet for squirrels and other critters looking for a meal. To dissuade them from feasting in your yard, relocate bird feeders away from the house and fortify your garden with protective fencing or netting.

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Restrict Roof Access

Squirrels are nature’s acrobats, effortlessly scaling trees and leaping from branch to branch. If your home is surrounded by trees that touch or overhang it, you’re essentially providing squirrels with a convenient pathway to your roof and possibly your attic. To thwart their advances, enlist professional tree services to trim branches at least 6 feet from your home’s perimeter.

Secure Points of Entry

Squirrels are opportunistic creatures, capable of squeezing through openings as small as a baseball. Even minor crevices can be widened by their relentless gnawing. Seal off potential entry points with meticulous care, focusing on areas like rooflines, fascia boards, vents, and windows. Conduct a thorough inspection and make necessary repairs promptly.

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Modern Pest Solutions for Squirrel Deterrence

While prevention is paramount, should squirrels breach your home’s defenses, Modern Pest Services is here to help. With over four decades of expertise in pest control, serving New England with pride, we’re equipped to evict and deter squirrels from encroaching upon your sanctuary.