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Attractive both for tourists and residents alike, Warwick, Rhode Island is an attractive city with rich historical significance. Nearby beaches offer a touch of natural beauty while its significance in the Revolutionary War offers a touch of colonial history. People can enjoy trails and explore historical buildings or visit the Buckeye Brook Marsh and Pine Tree Reserve for a touch of nature when they want a break from the urban environment.

As great as Warwick is for people, many of the aspects that make it attractive also make it inviting to pests. Rodents like rats and mice may try to get indoors for easy access to food and to escape winter chills. Comfortable summer temperatures and plenty of water around make it particularly prone to mosquitoes, which can carry diseases, until the end of October. Other pests can cause significant structural damage by eating through wood and wires. That’s why Modern Pest Services offers comprehensive Warwick pest control to give you peace of mind.

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Pests Love Warwick Properties

All sorts of pests love to call Warwick home. Ticks and fleas can pose a risk to people and pets. Yellowjackets can become a nuisance at best, and to people with allergies, they can be a major health risk. Whether you have a home or business in the area, keeping your property pest-free is the best way to protect the people and pets that visit.

Modern Pest Services has experience treating all sorts of pests common in New England, including:

Don't Let Warwick Pests Bug You

Modern Pest Services provides high-quality Warwick pest control. If you need a Warwick exterminator, we can send our trained technicians out to help you with industry-tested treatments and products to clear your home or property of harmful pests. Our teams include entomologists experienced in identifying pests, expert management teams, and licensed field techs, all of whom come together to deliver high-quality results you can trust. We know how important it is to protect your property and the people and pets on it, so we work hard to eliminate and deter pests on your property.

Choose Modern Pest Services for Reliable Warwick Pest Control

Our reliable Warwick exterminators work year-round to serve customers in the city and keep their homes and businesses pest-free. With the experience to fend off local pests and the professionalism to get the job done safely, our trained experts are standing by and ready to help.

All you have to do is reach out to us. If you want to protect your property or you need help responsibly removing pests from the premises, contact us online and let us know what’s bugging you or call 1-800-323-7378 for a free estimate. We work with both residential and commercial properties.