A Day in the Life


Her day-to-day activities vary depending on what’s happening in the Communications Center.


  • Lisa is the “Professor” of Modern’s Communication Center (CC). When a new group of CC employees comes on board, Lisa teaches them the ropes. She covers programming, scheduling, and learning codes specific to pest control. Lisa also prepares them to spend a week with a mentor and covers anything else that might be pertinent to the job.
  • When Lisa doesn’t have a new class to train, she dedicates time to daily staffing. This involves communicating which employees in the CC and branch management are present that day. She’ll also cover anything else the communications team might need, such as refresher courses, helpful tips and tricks, and a positive quote of the day.
  • Another important part of Lisa’s job is The Modern Buzz. This newsletter goes out to the executive team, branch management, and the communications team. It’s a summary of important information sent via email throughout the week. It’s also a way to give kudos to team members and recap what individual teams in the CC are working on.
  • Lisa’s role of Trainer in the Communications Center also involves running the Quality Assurance program. She makes sure that Modern is delivering exceptional service at every level, from the phones to the field.


The Pros and Cons (But Mostly Pros)


Lisa’s favorite part of her job is meeting the new employees. She loves seeing when someone takes on a new role and begins to excel and succeed at it.


“I love introducing them to Modern, allowing them to see why I love working here, and helping with those ‘aha,’ moments, and [giving them pointers when] something isn’t particularly clear and helping engage the team,” she said.


A bright spot for Lisa is interacting with Modern team members throughout the company, whether at the CC or through the various branches. She truly appreciates the great people who make Modern run smoothly at every level.


Every job has its challenges, and Lisa’s is no exception. Since Modern is comprised of different branches throughout New England, Lisa tries hard to consider the nuances that make each branch unique. It can sometimes be an effort to keep everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction while respecting these differences.


Why Modern?

Lisa would encourage anyone who is ready for a challenge to join Modern’s Communications team. In an environment that’s constantly moving and changing, an open mind and a passion for problem-solving is key.


Lisa appreciates that Modern has maintained the feel of the small, family-owned business it once was, despite becoming part of Sweden-based Anticimex in 2017. Modern continues to be locally operated and value its employees, while having the added resources and benefits that Anticimex brings.