5 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Bite Some More Than Others

Whenever you barbecue outdoors or just venture outside to enjoy the fresh air, do mosquitoes seem to target you more than anyone else? Perhaps you smell better than your friends do, or maybe your blood is tastier to these pesky insects. Well, if you think you’re a target, you’re not the only one. Many people in Nedham MA complain about bothersome mosquitoes and have no way to escape them. With a few tips and quality Modern Pest Services, you don’t have to take the abuse for much longer.

5 Reasons You’re A Mosquito Magnet

  1. You breathe too much.

Okay, you probably don’t breathe too much, but you might be exhaling more carbon dioxide than the people around you do. Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide levels from more than 160 feet away, so if you’re an adult who emits more CO2 than a small child does, the insects will prefer to attack you first.

  1. You’re a workout maniac.

Standing outside after an intense workout can make you a prime target for mosquitoes. Not only are you exhaling abundant carbon dioxide, but you’re probably producing a lot of sweat and body heat, which signals to mosquitoes that you’re ripe for the picking.

  1. You’re having a baby.

According to an article in Time Magazine, pregnant women have high resting metabolic rates, making them more appealing to mosquitoes. Pregnant women also tend to breathe heavier during movement, increasing their CO2 production and attracting mosquitoes from far away.

  1. Your skin contains high levels of cholesterol.

Researchers from the American Mosquito Control Association have found that mosquitoes are attracted to people with high concentrations of cholesterol on their skin. Though mosquitoes may not prefer people with higher cholesterol levels, they do attack people who are more efficient at processing this waxy substance.

  1. It’s all about genetics.

Unfortunately, research suggests that your genetics may play a part in your mosquito problem. Researchers indicate that genetics make up about 85 percent of the reason mosquitoes attack some people more than others.

As the springtime gives way to summer, more mosquitoes will appear in swarms around Nedham, MA and disrupt life in backyards throughout the city. Whether you’re a heavy breather, pregnant or genetically gifted, you’re the primary meal ticket for mosquitoes. Whatever the cause, contacting professional exterminators will ensure you don’t have to take short breaths. They’ll target hot spots for mosquito breeding grounds, as well as places they like to hang out in and around your yard. That way, you can enjoy your own outdoor space – without becoming a favorite meal.