Exterminators vs. Pest Control Professionals

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Same goal, different method

When you have an issue with insects or mice in your home, the first word that springs to mind might be exterminator. And while you might think an exterminator is the same thing as a pest control professional, there are some key differences. The goal of eliminating pests in your home is the same, but the ways they achieve the goal are very different. Modern Pest employs a team of Pest Control Professionals. We have several Associate Certified Entomologists on staff, as well as our highly-trained and licensed general managers, service managers, and Service Professionals. So how is an exterminator different from a Pest Control Professional?

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  • An exterminator’s main objective is to kill the pests. They don’t always address the root of the pest problem.
  • Exterminators rely solely on pesticides to get rid of your problem. This means sometimes using materials that are more toxic than necessary to alleviate the issue. They might also be used in a wider area than needed.
  • Exterminators rarely provide a service satisfaction guarantee for their work. By not getting to the root of the pest issue, they are providing a temporary solution to a potentially long-term problem.
Modern Pest truck and service professional

Pest Control Professionals

  • Pest Control Professionals (PCPs) like the ones at Modern Pest use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and know that the key to curbing pests long-term is prevention and management.
  • Using IPM, PCPs will form a partnership with the client. They will ask questions and try to determine how the problem started. They will provide advice on how the client can make their home less welcoming to pests.
  • PCPs emphasize protecting the environment by using the most environmentally-friendly materials to get rid of pests. They are applied in a highly-effective, targeted manner that gets the job done.
  • The materials that PCPs use against pests are just as effective but are less toxic to humans and pets.
  • PCPs look for long-term solutions to your pest issues, as opposed to just using chemicals to kill the pests you see. How are the pests getting in? How do we keep them out?
  • PCPs are educated, trained, and licensed in the safest and most effective ways to eliminate specific pests.

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The Modern Solution

While it would be great to treat all your pest problems in one shot, most situations require more than one visit. That’s why Modern believes in the IPM method and its preventative maintenance and recurring service.  You didn’t develop a mouse problem overnight, and it won’t be solved overnight either. It also won’t be solved with one visit from an exterminator that doesn’t figure out a long-term solution. At Modern Pest, our pest control pros work hard to reduce your pest population and keep it that way. So don’t just call an exterminator. When you need help, call Modern’s professionals at 1-800-323-7378.