Flea Prevention Tips For New England Families

FleaThe New England region just experienced an unusually mild winter and hot, hot summer, which created a higher-the-usual incidence of flea infestations. And flea problems are expected to continue right through the fall. Many families were not prepared to battle fleas, which has resulted in more flea infestations and flea bites.

In order to help protect families in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts against the threat of fleas, especially as these pests continue to multiply, Modern Pest Services would like to offer some insight into the flea life cycle and some helpful flea prevention tips.

The Life Cycle of Fleas

  • Fleas undergo egg, larva, pupa and adult stages and an entire life cycle is approximately 3–4 weeks.
  • Eggs are laid on the host and often roll off in and around animal resting areas. As a result, pupae and adults stages are generally found where pets rest or sleep.
  • Larvae may develop off the host in bedding or in organic material.

Despite their small size, these pests can cause big problems for homeowners, both those with and without pets.  Yes, fleas may have been introduced by your pet; however, they’re good jumpers that can jump up to six inches vertically. Fleas can ride in on your pants or shoes and once introduced into your home, they may live for up to six months without feeding. So to help keep your home flea-free, follow these simple flea prevention tips.

Flea prevention

  • If you do have pets make sure they are regularly treated for fleas with an effective treatment recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Vacuum your home on a regular basis to avoid the spread of fleas and don’t forget to vacuum under beds, under furniture, and upholstered surfaces.
  • Wash your bedding and other linens regularly to kill off any fleas or eggs.
  • If you spot flea bites or see fleas jumping up from your carpet, it’s important that you contact your local pest control company right away as fleas will only continue to multiply, leaving you and your family miserable with itchy flea bites.

Even when the fleas are forecasted to be bad, it’s possible to avoid these pests by following the preventative measures listed above. Keep in mind that preventative measures alone are not always enough to battle these biting insects and sometimes pest control pros are needed to get rid of these tricky pests.

At the first sign of a home flea infestation, contact us at Modern Pest Services to help control the pests before the problem gets any worse. Modern has been serving communities in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts with trusted pest control services since 1945.

Mike Peaslee, Modern’s Technical Manager offers some additional information about flea eradication in this article.