Jessica Klein’s September Guest Blog

Modern’s next guest blog is by our partner and lifestyle blogger, Jessica Klein. Jessica’s website is OID Studio and she can be found on Facebook and Instagram at @ohidesignblog. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two kids, and her dog.

Jessica’s Blog

5 Things I’m Looking Forward To

We are nearing the end of Summer (sigh) and it feels like it was cut short due to the amount of rain we’ve had in the Northeast. But that said, I am looking forward to a few things that the next few months will bring.

  1. More outdoor yoga, dinners, etc. as you may have read here and here, we have been partnering with Modern Pest this year, and they have made outdoor entertaining more enjoyable for us by spraying for unwanted insects and pests. We are going to continue our service with them for years to come so that we can host our friends and family comfortably. I’ve been trying to prioritize yoga and meditation this month, thanks to Melissa Wood Health and meditations with Katy of Grace in the Crumbs
  2. School! I can’t believe we are getting ready for school to begin in September for both of our littles. Harvey is starting preschool and Evie is going to kindergarten so there’s lots of prep happening behind the scenes along with some changes in schedules (which gives me some anxiety). Our nanny that’s been with us since Evie was really little will be leaving since both kids will be in school and it’s going to be a strange/sad transition – we are going to miss her being with us A LOT.
  3. An end of the Summer trip/vacation in Vermont – we will be driving up to Stowe for a couple of days and then staying in our VT home for the remainder of the week. Traveling with littles doesn’t make this trip a vacation in my opinion, but we are going to try to sneak in some babysitting time if possible. 🙂
  4. Completion of a few projects – we are verrryyy hopeful that our VT home renovation – part one will be completed by then. We only have a few small items to tackle and this weekend we plan to move things back in. More to come here! We also have a fence project happening at our house in Boston as we needed a fence lining our driveway and walking down into our backyard because of possible Bella / little one escapes. We are excited to see it finished soon!
  5. Cozy work days in our studio! We have almost finished furnishing our new studio in the south end, and I’m excited to mark the final items off our list and feel fully moved into our space. Ellisha, who we share the showroom with, and I can’t wait to see some of your faces in the SOWA area soon! We made this video in case you want a little tour so far.

We plan to savor this last bit of Summer and hope that Fall brings lots of nice weather. Who’s with us? 🙂

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