Top 3 Things Clients Say They Appreciate About Modern Pest

When looking to have someone come to your home, property or business to provide a service, it can be very concerning. Can I trust them? Will they be respectful of my home or business? Will they do a good job? These are just a few things that run through your mind before setting up an appointment. When the appointment is for pest control, you might also be wondering? Is it safe for my pets and family?

Most of these questions are regarding the quality of service being provided and hoping that you have selected a reputable company. You know…. the kind that takes pride in their work and has the customer’s interest in mind above all else. Nowadays, in a world of instant gratification, receiving this type of service can seem hard to come by. Many businesses claim to be the “best in service” but are those just taglines and marketing gimmicks?  

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Rather than try to convince you with ads and commercials on how awesome we think we are at Modern Pest Services… we thought we would share with you actual reviews and feedback from our customers.

Here are three things that customers appreciate the most about Modern Pest:


  • Al Martin in Maine says “Techs are always on time and very polite – have always been happy with service.”
  • Linda Mooers of New Hampshire shares “The technicians who have come here are totally professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They answer any questions I have respectfully. They suggest rather than push any product and if I decline, they don’t make me feel as if it’s the worst thing I could do. I’d really like to know where you find these guys. So many places around here could use people like them.”
  • Haley Foley of Massachusetts also shares “I have been very happy with the service provided by Modern Pest. The serviceman, Nicholas, who has been coming to our house for a year has been wonderful! He is very respectful of our daily schedule and our needs with young babies in the house. He is efficient, consistent and nice to work with as well. We have had a very good experience and will continue with the service. Thanks for all you do!”


  • “Getting started was easy and efficient. The website facilitated the process well, and I received a follow-up call within 24 hours, with a technician arriving at my property within the week.” says Adam Hickey of Massachusetts.
  • Pam Kimball of Maine maintains  “We have been using Modern Pest Services for a few years now. The technician is always prompt and courteous. I like that the company calls ahead to remind us of the appointment.”
  • Elisa Paquette of New Hampshire shares, “Going on three years of service. I like how I get reminder calls couple days before house inspection. Our technician is very polite and makes small talk but not enough to be annoying.”


  • Marc Bilodeau of Maine states “I have been using MPS for many years and always have a pleasant interaction with Heather, she keeps me up to date with all things “pesty” – very knowledgeable and always pleasant.”
  • “I had a great experience with your technician Tom. He was friendly and respectful. He fully explained everything he was going to do, and what to expect in the near future and how to handle it. He made recommendations on things I could do to prevent more pests. And he thoroughly explained the green package that I was purchasing. I have a young son and a dog, and Tom was friendly to them both and made sure to explain and assure me about the safety of the treatments he was using. Tom arrived on time and was finished with the treatment in a timely manner. He was knowledgeable without being condescending. And spent time to make sure I understood everything. All in all a great job on his part. Thanks for the service.”, shared by Mark Moline of Massachusetts.
  • Janet Davis of New Hampshire says “Troy was friendly, calm, efficient and knowledgeable. He connected with us on a personal as well as professional basis. He explained in detail what we should expect to see, post-treatment, and indicated that we shouldn’t HESITATE to call if we did not see decreased activity in two weeks. Thank you Troy!!”

We think you might be able to see the pattern here. What sets Modern apart from other pest control companies is a team of truly knowledgeable professionals, who are consistently prompt, efficient, polite and helpful. We understand that customers just want the job done, and done right. Our customers often indicate how professional the service pros and customer service reps are, and are impressed with how we call ahead to confirm appointments and take the time to educate and explain what we will do.  

So if you are into that sort of thing, and we think you are –  contact Modern Pest Services today! We can perform an in-depth inspection, determine the level of infestation, areas of damage, and create a very specific, environmentally friendly and effective program for your home.