What are the Most Common Pests in Hospitality and Lodging?

At Modern Pest, we know the importance of pest control in the hospitality sector. The presence of pests in a hospitality and lodging facility such as a hotel, motel, inn, or B&B can result in economic, reputation, and customer losses. Our Commercial Pest Management programs address not only current pest issues, but also potential risks. Think of pest control as insurance against infestations.

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Don’t Let Pests Be Your Unwelcome Guests

There are several types of pests that can affect hotels, but the worst are bed bugs. Since bedbugs primarily affect the rooms in which guests stay, the probability of guests being the first to notice them is high.

In addition to bed bugs, there are other common pests that can affect hotels. Most of them can be found primarily in food storage areas and in kitchens. In these areas, we find cockroaches, moths, weevils, fruit flies, or rodents. Due to their high resilience and reproductive capacity, these pests can spread quickly to other areas of the hotel, thus making it difficult to eradicate the problem completely.

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The Modern Solution

Whether it’s a local bed-and-breakfast, midsized motel, large national hotel, or any other type of lodging, Modern’s ecocare and Anticimex SMART commercial pest management programs are market-specific and offer customized, innovative service solutions designed specifically for your hospitality facility.

What is ecocare Hospitality?

Our traditional ecocare services cover common pests like stinging insects, mice, rats, flies, cockroaches, and ants. One of our Client Service Advisors will inspect your location and formulate a custom ecocare Hospitality plan for your business. They will also provide a free site evaluation for Modern’s proprietary Anticimex SMART technology.

What is Anticimex SMART?

Anticimex SMART is our 24/7, environmentally friendly rat and mouse control system that wirelessly monitors your location around the clock and reports the data back to Modern’s offices. The discrete and visually-pleasing SMART boxes can be positioned inside or outside of your location. We also offer SMART monitors for cockroaches and moths. You’ll never have to tell Modern when there’s a pest issue. We already know!

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