What is Organic Pest Control?

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In addition to our traditional Homecare Green plan, Modern Pest also offers organic pest control options! Our Homecare Organic and Organic Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Control programs are botanically-based, eco-friendly, and effective alternatives to our conventional pest control materials. We deliver our organic services on the same schedule as our traditional Homecare services with the same 100% satisfaction guarantee!

What are Organic Pesticides?

Organic pesticides (also known as botanical insecticides) are pesticides made from naturally occurring substances that have been approved and listed on the USDA’s National Organic List such as wintergreen, mint, cedar, rosemary, and citronella. Unlike most pesticides, which use synthetic chemicals, botanical insecticides utilize essential oils. These essential oils are naturally derived from plants and are approved for use around pets, children and food-handling areas.

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How do they work?

There are many different types of organic pest control, that work differently depending on the target pest. For example, materials like citronella are known as repellents.  Citronella is an essential oil of multiple species of lemongrass. It does not kill targets, but hides smells that attract them so that they are forced to go elsewhere if they want to find a meal. Citronella is commonly used against biting insects like mosquitos and is nontoxic to people and plants.

Another commonly used organic compound is pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is a chemical that is extracted from chrysanthemums and has been known to be effective against insect pests for centuries. It works by causing rapid-firing in the sensitive nervous systems of insects, which eventually causes lack of motor skill control and death. Pyrethrin is low in toxicity to non-target animals like mammals, birds, and humans.

Organic pesticides, like conventional pesticides, should be applied by a professional. Our Service Professionals will identify the pest type and the source of the issue and will ensure that the correct material is used and is applied in the correct location.

What are the Benefits to Organic Materials?

  • Targets insect and arachnid pests with minimal risk to birds, mammals, and fish
  •  Reduced risk of pests developing pesticide resistance.
  • Biodegradable and won’t build up in the environment
  • Non-staining materials
  • Pleasant herbal aroma

The Modern Solution

If you think Modern’s Homecare Organic pest control is the right solution for your home and family, contact Modern Pest Services at 1-800-323-7378 or get a free quote here. For a pest-free yard and a healthier planet and home, choose Modern Pest’s Organic Options!