Cornfield Ants

Cornfield Ants


Worker ants grow to about 1/16-1/18″ (2-3mm) long. Queen cornfield ants grow up to 1/4″. The ants are brown or very dark reddish brown in color.


Confield ants next in areas of moist, rotting wood. Most often these ants are found in and around bathroom tubs wall tiles or in the bath trap, damp crawl spaces, ect. Outside, these ants typically nest in well-shaded woods in rotting logs and stumps.


Cornfield ants feed on dead and live insects, nectar, tend honeydew-producing insects, and foster and transport aphids from the roots of one plant to those of another.


Developmental time is about 88 days. Reproductives are present in the colony from summer to autumn with mating occurring within the next before swarming.

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