Daddy long leg

Daddy Long-legs Spiders

The term “daddy long-legs” can refer to a few spider-looking insects. In the New England area, it most commonly refers to an invertebrate that is not a spider at all (pictured here) and is also called a harvestman. This arachnid has a brown oval body that appears to be one segment. Its long legs are characteristic.

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What is the Daddy Long-legs' Diet?

Daddy long-legs are scavengers that will feed on decaying organic matter or small insects.

What is the Daddy Long-legs Reproductive Cycle?

They mate and the female lays eggs, but not in a silken web.

Where Do Daddy Long-legs Live?

Daddy long-legs arachnids do not have venom or silk producing capabilities. They are most active at night and seek shelter during the day. They myth about deadly venom is about another “daddy long-legs” species, the cellar spider, which does not contain venom that is lethal to humans.

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