Back to School for Kids — and Pests

Parents across Waterville, Maine each experience this time of year a little differently. “Back to school” brings a wide variety of feelings; some are relaxed, some anxious. Many families are getting their calendars out, trying to make sense of the all too often crazy after-school activities schedule. The one thing they aren’t thinking about, though, is bugs.

Yes, bugs. They hitch a ride into schools everywhere, sniffing out classroom crumbs and perusing the updated cafeteria menu for the good stuff. School boards all over Maine prepare for this by using a system called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), working closely with certified exterminators to create a solution to keep the bugs at bay.

Maine state government requires that schools use this modern approach to pest control, calling it “…a sound, sensible approach to dealing with pests…with methods that protect human health and the environment while saving money.”

They sum up IPM this way: “Think before you spray.”

This mantra is at the root of every Modern Pest IPM program in Waterville and beyond. We don’t just go around spraying chemicals on every creepy crawler we see. It actually starts with defense, determining where the building’s cracks and crevices are, providing ways for the school to cull situations attracting them in the first place, and mitigating the health risks certain pests create. It’s called our ecocare Education approach, specifically designed for area schools’ unique pest control problems, including schools in Waterville, Maine.

Having a solid IPM program in schools is more than just a suggestion – it’s a requirement. And for good reason. Pests and heavy use of pesticides both trigger children’s asthma, put our kids’ and teachers’ health at risk, and can have an impact on the environment, correlating with poor teacher retention according to the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

Children’s education is of the utmost importance, and anything that impacts their environment and ability to focus can have a cascading effect. We are intimately familiar with the Maine IPM program and all of the regulations, like the Pest Management Activity log schools are required to keep. We work closely with a school’s designated IPM Coordinator to both fulfill all program obligations and provide excellent results.

The fact is, our kids are in these schools, too. We’re just like every other parent who wants to keep their kids safe and healthy. We’re happy to be the go-to exterminators for many schools in and around Waterville, Maine, protecting classrooms, cafeterias, offices and more from harmful pests. We do our jobs the right way, the first time, so every parent, teacher, administrator and child can get back to doing theirs without stress or fear.

As the kids – and pests – get back to school, it’s a great time to start getting a plan in place. If you’re a school employee looking to update your IPM program, give Modern Pest a call. We’ll meet and exceed state requirements by creating a prevention-based solution for your school’s individual needs. Call today!