Modern Pest Services: Your “Green” Partner

Kermit the Frog knew it wasn’t easy being green, but Modern is committed to it nonetheless. With the growing awareness of the effects of pollution and chemical use, many businesses and individuals are trying to make greener choices. Modern Pest Services has been concerned about the environment since its beginnings in 1945. We have an ongoing commitment to using the latest knowledge and methods to control pests in a way that has the least impact on health–whether of people or of the environment.

Environmental Stewardship

Modern Pest Services was one of the original 17 members of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program back when the program was started in 1994. This partnership helps member companies such as Modern go above and beyond the regulations to ensure human health and environmental safety.

Integrated Pest Management

Furthermore, our approach is a thoughtful, educated one, involving the principles of integrated pest management (IPM). We draw on our extensive knowledge of insect life cycles and their interaction with the environment to draw up a targeted plan. Mechanical means to eliminate or discourage pests are recommended first when possible. Actions might involve setting traps or recommending action steps such as more frequent cleaning, caulking gaps, or fixing leaky pipes to remove pests’ sources of food, shelter, and water. When necessary, we will make targeted applications of chemicals. We do not blindly follow a pesticide application schedule. Instead, we use monitoring techniques to measure the level of pest infestation, if any, and respond in proportion.

Organic Options

Because some customers prefer or are required to use organic pesticides, we offer a plan called EcoCare. When pesticides are needed, a trained, licensed Modern professional will choose an appropriate one from a list of certified organic pesticides. For our business customers who produce, process, or sell organic agricultural products, we work closely with them and the USDA to ensure that their IPM plan is in compliance.

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Saving the Honeybees

We recognize the importance of honeybees to the environment and share the growing concern about their dwindling numbers. When Modern encounters a beehive in a location where it is not welcome, we’ll call a beekeeper to remove the hive and its bees and relocate them.

You can be confident that when you call on Modern for your pest management needs, you are partnering with a business that truly cares about the environment.  Contact us today for more information on Organic Pest Control.