HomeCare Green

Modern Pest Services employs a method called integrated pest management (IPM) in its HomeCare Green service for residential customers and its ecocare service for commercial customers. IPM, which emphasizes prevention and management in a long-term partnership with you, the customer, involves five actions: identify, monitor, plan, control, prevent.

Identify & Monitor

Modern Pest ProfessionalWhen you call on Modern, a trained service professional will meet with you at the property, whether residential or commercial. He or she will scout the building and property, looking for signs of infestation or situations likely to attract pests. Indications of pests may include feces, structural damage, etc. Once the pests are accurately identified, the service professional will pinpoint sources of the pest’s food, water, and shelter. Monitoring may also be employed to determine the extent of a problem. The service professional will also look at the bigger picture, analyzing the surroundings to determine whether a worse or different type of pest problem is likely to occur, based on the location, type of property, and surrounding area.

Plan, Control, & Prevent

The service professional will then review the findings with you and present a plan of action to both control and prevent infestation. Perhaps the pest level is tolerable and only ongoing monitoring is required. In other cases, mechanical solutions, such as traps, or physical solutions, such as screens, may be proposed. Some solutions may need to be implemented by the property owner. For example, perhaps old tires in the backyard are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes, or perhaps a swing set is located too close to an area of tall grass, which is a favorite launching pad for ticks. Leaking pipes may need to be repaired or cracks caulked.

Modern Pest ProfessionalIf mechanical means are not appropriate or sufficient, the service professional may recommend the use of chemicals. In determining which pesticides to use, the licensed and extensively trained Modern service professional considers the type of pest, the level of infestation, and the type of property as well as any particular circumstances such as the presence of dogs or children, chemical sensitivities, or a desire to use organic pesticides. The service professional will then draw on his/her expert knowledge regarding which substance to use, in which form, and how often. The goal is effective pest management with the lowest impact on the customer and the environment.

IPM: The Holistic Approach

IPM is an effective method to not only treat but prevent pest issues with the lowest impact and least toxic measures. Call Modern Pest Services today to learn more about how partnering with Modern will let you rest easy, knowing that your home or business is safe from infestation.