Caitlin Houston’s August Guest Blog

Modern’s next guest blog is by our partner Caitlin Houston. Caitlin’s website is Caitlin Houston and she’s on Facebook and Instagram as @caitlinhoustonblog. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters.

Caitlin's daughters having a picnic

Caitlin’s Blog

Are you making the most of your summer?! Our New England summer has been like no other with inconsistent weather patterns (hot and humid or cold and rainy), so we are taking advantage of every nice day to be OUTSIDE. My husband and I always encourage our daughters to go outdoors when the weather permits – even if it’s just for a front yard dinner picnic!

From backyard picnics and BBQs with family, to fireside chats and water play with neighborhood friends, we all can find something to do when it’s nice out. The best part is the comforting feeling of knowing there aren’t any annoying pests waiting to join us, thanks to Modern Pest. At Modern Pest Services, their number one priority is to keep you and your loved ones safe when you’re outside. Gone are the days of swatting away mosquitos or triple checking your body for ticks or fleas after being in our yard, thanks to Modern Pest’s Homecare Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Control Service.

It’s not too late to protect your home and family this summer with Modern Pest Services!

Call Modern at 1-800-323-7378 and use my code *CaitlinSAVE75or150* to save on your service