Get Proactive About House Mice

Mice are great at finding their way into homes, and Burlington, Massachusetts homes are no exception. Those little critters love your house in the winter; it provides them a warm place to live, not to mention all the resources they need to survive. That’s usually when most of us have rodent control on our mind.

However, as summer rolls around, places like the attic get so hot that mice tend to vacate the premises. That’s why there is no better time than now to get ahead of this cat-mouse game.

Start in the Kitchen

Your kitchen provides an endless food supply for these critters. The appeal is obvious; you’ve got a trashcan full of food, sticky spills on the floor, and open boxes in the pantry. It’s time to clean up before fall comes around and those little critters are looking to move back in.

The pantry is a good place to start. Go through each shelf and make sure nothing is blatantly open, or easy to get into. Plastic or metal containers eliminate a mouse’s ability to snack away, and keep things organized for you and your family.

Another important step is to sweep your floors often. Mouse-sized crumbs act like bait for the little guys. Be sure to do a clean sweep before you call it a night.

Check the Escape Route

Figure out how the mice are getting in and out of your house. This can be tricky considering they are able to fit through spaces as small as a nickel – but local rodent experts like Modern Pest can lend a hand with that. They can also give advice on sealing openings in your foundation or the exterior of your home with caulk or steel wool. Be sure to take the same precautions throughout the rest of your house.

While hunting down how mice are getting into your house, check the area outside of your home, as well. Make sure that bushes and other plants are trimmed and not too crowded against the roof or siding. Also, keep any piles of firewood at least 20 feet from your home.

Call in the Experts

Last and not least, if you want to be sure your Burlington, Massachusetts home is protected from any unwanted intruders come fall, call in the exterminators that know best. When it comes to rodents, things can get out of control very fast. Prevention is the smartest place to start, and our rodent control experts specialize in techniques that will help eliminate the access points into your home. Start with these tips to avoid mice problems that may come as the temperatures drop, and let Modern Pest take over if the problem persists.