The Aggressive Baldfaced Hornet

There is an abundance of outdoor adventure in Boothbay, Maine. Activities range from boating and exploring Cabbage Island to hiking on the trails of the Boothbay Region Land Trust. As professional wasp exterminators who deal with dangerous pests, we want to take the opportunity to keep residents educated about the bees, wasps, and other potential pests that like to frequent the same areas. One of the nastier ones in particular is the baldfaced hornet.

Here are some quick facts about the baldfaced hornet to prep you for the next time you spot one near you.

A Name Game

Contrary to its given name, the baldfaced hornet isn’t actually a part of the “hornet” family, but runs with the “yellow jackets”. The term “baldfaced” indicates its appearance: ivory-white marks on its face, legs and abdomen.

Find the Nest

Beyond the unusual markings, another way to know if you’re dealing with a baldfaced hornet is by their nest. The baldfaced hornet’s nest resembles a large gray football, and many times you’ll find it in bushes, trees, and sometimes on the outside of buildings. It’s actually built from chewed wood fibers and saliva that when dry produces that distinct grayish color. Traffic comes in and out of a hole created at the base of the nest.

While you can identify a baldfaced hornet by its nest, we don’t recommend it. Which brings us to our next point.

Keep Your Distance

Baldfaced hornets help manage other unwanted pests as well as pollinate the area, and to do so, they need to be extremely aggressive. This hornet species calls war on anything that comes within three feet of their nest, including you. Not only are they aggressive, though, they are also capable of multiple painful stings. While it’s in the name of protecting their home, it can become quite a bother.

Infestation & Prevention

The most beneficial way to eliminate a baldfaced hornet problem is to hunt down their nest. Many times they fancy hiding in the leaves of trees and bushes, or in the eaves of your home. Keeping in mind their aggressiveness, if you think you may have an infestation, it’s best that you don’t go lone ranger on them. Modern Pest in Boothbay, Maine will bring in wasp exterminators to handle the situation. Not only will they know where the baldfaced hornets tend to live, but they’ll also prevent them from returning.

Although baldfaced hornets at a distance do not pose a threat, keep in mind their aggressive tendencies next time you encounter one. If you find that they are becoming a nuisance or danger, let Modern Pest come in and safely take care of the problem for you.