Modern’s Ben Burke Awarded Pest Professional of the Year

Ben Burke is presented with the award for Professional of the Year by NEPMA President Tom Drapeau, A.C.E. on March 3, 2022.

Modern Pest is proud to announce that Service Professional Benjamin Burke received the award of Professional of the Year from the New England Pest Management Association (NEPMA).

Ben was acknowledged and awarded at the NEPMA Awards Dinner on Thursday, March 3rd at the Clarion Hotel in Taunton, Massachusetts. The award was presented to him by NEPMA President Tom Drapeau, A.C.E.

About Ben

Ben works out of the Katahdin branch for Modern Pest Services. He has lived in Maine’s capitol of Augusta for most of his life. All 11 years of his pest control career have been with Modern Pest.

Ben’s favorite part of working in pest control is the chase. “Nothing beats finding that elusive link between what a client is reporting and what the pest is doing. Then being able to solve that issue for the client,” he said.

He’s had numerous funny and interesting things happen on the road, including a frog jumping into his face. But he adds that, “like most things, you had to be there!”

When he’s not solving pest issues for Modern clients, Ben can be found doing projects around his house, finding geocaches with his daughters, and climbing mountains. He has begun tackling the 14 tallest mountains in Maine called the Maine 4K. He also plans to someday experience the largest 3-D scale model of the solar system in the western hemisphere, which is located in his home state of Maine.

Ben never planned on becoming a pest control professional, but he followed the advice of his friend, a Modern employee at the time, and applied. “And it has been an absolute blast!” he said.

“He’s exactly the type of person that we want to represent the pest control industry.”

-David Lock, President of Modern Pest Services

Contributions to Modern Pest

Ben is the go-to trainer for new employees. He is patient, caring and pays special attention to detail with all aspects of his work. Katahdin’s managers are always confident in new employees when Ben is finished training them.

Contributions to the Community

Ben is also active in his community. He helps with food drives, plays Secret Santa to disadvantaged children, and always donates to the local Humane Society.

Contributions to the Pest Control Industry

Ben’s approach to his client communication highlights his importance to the industry. He consistently develops professional service notes that outline the services he has provided; explains how his clients can contribute to their future success; and wraps up with highlighting future direction services will take. All while using the right balance of humor and straight talk. Every interaction Ben has with clients reminds them that they’re working with an industry professional.

A True Asset to Modern Pest

Ben is no stranger to winning awards. He won Modern’s President’s Club Award in 2021. Modern consistently hears praise from his clients regarding how personable he is and how much effort he puts forth when dealing with any and all of their pest concerns. He strives to be the best at what he does through training, education, and through his everyday routine.

When asked about Ben, Modern Pest President David Lock said, Everyone at Modern loves him, and his PestPac notes are legendary. He’s exactly the type of person that we want to represent the pest control industry.”