Rodent Control in Woburn, Massachusetts

MouseImagine living in San Francisco, where news reports indicate a woman, known as “Rat girl,” has been breeding and releasing rats into the city streets for years! Fortunately, most of us aren’t directly affected by this woman’s unusual pastime. On the other hand, homeowners do need to be aware of the signs of a rodent infestation and call a rodent exterminator in Woburn, Massachusetts if necessary.

Rats and mice are the most common rodents that invade your home as they search for water, food and warmth. Some of the greatest damage caused by rodents comes from their constant chewing through a variety of different materials. In addition, rodents can contaminate the areas in which they live, often harboring several kinds of diseases or parasites.

Mice leave many signs like mouse droppings and gnawed furniture and you may see them scurrying around your home. Mice nests can be found in undisturbed locations such as storage areas or shoeboxes. Rats are a little more secretive and can be harder to find. Since they hide within walls, basements or attics (Ingrid – this isn’t exclusive to rats; mice are commonly found within walls, basements or attics too), you may not see any rats until you find one dead or alive. In this case, you should seek rodent control in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Prevention is the best way to keep your home rodent free. Because rodents reproduce quickly, even a small group of rodents can turn into an infestation very fast. This is when finding rodent control in Woburn, Massachusetts is essential!

Try the following preventative measures to keep your home rodent free:

  1. Keep food sources secure. Dry goods like cereals or grains should be kept in sealed glass or metal containers.
  2. Identify and seal entry points. Sheet metal and other strong materials prevent rodents from chewing into your home.
  3. Consult a professional. If you do suspect rodents in your home, contact a rodent exterminator in Woburn, Massachusetts. They can develop the best pest control plan for your specific situation.

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