Signs that It’s Time for Serious Bird Control

Although they are beautiful, birds can cause noise disturbance, damage your property, and present a serious health risk by spreading harmful bacteria and viruses to humans and other animals. Physical bird damage affects buildings, vehicles, machinery, ventilation systems, roofs and gardens. Accumulated bird droppings and nesting materials can block drainage systems, attract insects, cause electrical outages and deteriorate building materials. If you have a large number of pest birds on your property, you may need professional help with bird management.

Is It Time for Bird Control?

If you’ve noticed one or more of the following signs and symptoms, your bird problem might be more serious than you think.

  1. Excessive noise caused by birds is a potential sign of trouble, especially if you own a business that operates outdoors.
  2. Birds can damage your lawn by leaving their droppings behind, which encourages worm infestations. Small holes in your lawn may be the result of birds poking or digging for worms. Circular dead spots on your grass are also a sign of bird activity.
  3. If you see multiple bird nests on your roof or other parts of your home or commercial building, a gradual buildup of nesting materials may be occurring.
  4. Damage to vegetable gardens is another common problem. Plants stripped of leaves and holes in fruits or vegetables may be the work of hungry birds.

Trust Modern Pest Services for Bird Control in Milford NH

At Modern Pest Services, we offer effective bird control for Milford, NH and the surrounding areas. Whether we’re providing commercial bird control for Portsmouth, NH retail stores or bird control in Rochester, NH homes, our expertise ensures a fast and thorough solution. Our methods of bird control in Portsmouth, NH and neighboring locations includes professional Bird Barrier products that prevent birds from accessing your property without harming the animals. Foolproof, humane bird control in Rochester, NH is at your fingertips; just contact Modern Pest Services today for an estimate.