Bed Bug Prevention for Winter Travelers

Bed bugs are more active in the summer months, but that doesn’t mean they disappear entirely in cold weather. In fact, they can thrive in the warmth of your home. If you’re taking a winter vacation or traveling for business, bed bugs are still a threat; this is especially true if you’re traveling to a warmer climate in high-population environments. Here are a few tips for identifying and avoiding bed bug infestations during your winter travels.

Spotting a Bed Bug Infestation

If bed bugs are present in your hotel room, the following signs may be present:

  1. Live or dead bed bugs; these are generally dark brown or rust-colored and about the size of an apple seed
  2. Small black or brown specks of bed bug feces on linens, mattress seams or upholstery
  3. Light brown, translucent bed bug skin casings
  4. A musty or unusual smell (usually only present when an infestation is extensive or has been around for awhile)

Stay Bug-Free in Your Hotel

Hotels are hotspots for bed bug activity, but observing the following tips may help you avoid bringing bed bugs back home.

1. Before booking a hotel, look up its history of reported bed bug infestations at

2. Contact the hotel ahead of time and ask the following:

Has your hotel had any recent bed bug issues?
What is your bed bug protocol?
Is your staff trained in bed bug identification?
Does your hotel use bed bug mattress encasements?

3. Pack a flashlight; search bed linens, mattresses and box springs, as well as drawers, lampshades and floors near the bed for signs of an infestation.

4. Don’t place your luggage on the floor or the bed overnight. Store it on a folding stand or in the bathtub (bed bugs have difficulty climbing up metal and are not often found in bathrooms).

Public Transportation Tips

  1. Keep your luggage on your lap when possible.
  2. Use available garment hangers.
  3. Purchase bug-proof luggage liners.

Luggage Inspection on Return

When you arrive home from your trip, inspect your luggage and its contents carefully before bringing them inside. Don’t bring your luggage into your home until you inspect it. Instead, leave it outside or in the garage. Check all of your clothing and wash it immediately in the hottest water. After you’ve emptied your suitcase, vacuum and clean it thoroughly. Pay special attention to any cracks, seams or fold of material. Don’t forget to check any pockets too. If you suspect bed bugs may have hitch-hiked on your luggage, contact a qualified Modern Pest Services bed bugs exterminator in Nashua, NH.

Effective Bed Bugs Control Nashua NH Residents Trust

If bed bugs get into your home, you’ll need expert help. Amateur efforts are rarely successful, but professional Modern Pest Services bed bug control in Nashua, NH is extremely effective. Reclaim your bed from blood-sucking pests by contacting a Modern Pest Services bed bugs exterminator in Nashua, NH today.