Stephanie Stellwagon’s September Guest Blog

Modern’s next guest blog is with partner and lifestyle blogger Stephanie Stellwagon. Stephanie can be found online at her website Steph Stell and on Facebook and Instagram at @stephstell. Stephanie lives in New Canaan, Connecticut and Kennebunkport, Maine with her husband and daughter, Pippa.

Stephanie’s Blog

We are 100% in full on Back to School mode over here. This may have been one of the fastest summers I can recall. We were super busy and enjoyed all of our friends and family that came to visit this summer. We definitely made the most of our backyard for grilling, entertaining, and lounging around the fire with friends. We did not travel as much this summer which meant we spent a lot more time in our outdoor space which was so, so nice.

While I am always sad to see summer go, fall is one of my favorite seasons in Maine and we do not plan to go indoors anytime soon. Even with school starting next week, we look forward to having friends over to enjoy the golden days of fall and the crisp cooler nights outside.

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