Top 5 Pests that are Worth Hating

As experts in pest control in Boothbay, Maine, Modern Pest Services knows a thing or two about creepy critters. Yet not all pests are created equal, and some rank higher up on our hit list. Below is Modern Pest’s list of top 5 pests that are worth hating.

1. Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs top the list for several reasons. First, they are blood suckers, so they will feed on you. What makes them worse is that they are active at night while you are sleeping and unaware of them crawling around. In addition, they can quickly escalate to infestation-levels if not addressed properly, they are very difficult to get rid of and they can easily and quickly hitchhike on items traveling in and out of your home.

2. Spiders

Spiders are near the top of this list of creepy crawlers we hate. Unfortunately, there are many different types of spiders in Maine, and some can get big. The Wolf Spider and the Black Widow spider are among the largest, and can produce tons of eggs in a single season. But the worst one is the Jumping spider. Yes, a spider that jumps.

3. Cockroach

The two most common cockroaches in Boothbay, Maine are the German cockroach and the American cockroach. They come in third because they are major pests in hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, and buildings with food handling. They spread disease, and when a building is infested, cockroaches leave behind all sorts of bodily fluids that stain, stink and bother our allergies.

4. House Mouse

House mice are very invasive pests and hard to keep out. That’s why they’re included on the list. They can fit in holes as small as a quarter of an inch, and can cause significant structural damage to a home or building. They can also spread disease to humans through contact with feces, urine or saliva.

5. Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are fifth on the list because they will literally eat your furniture and clothing. They prefer animal products like skin, furs, feathers, wools, hair, and sometimes even cotton. If it’s a synthetic material, they will eat much more of it to try to get the same level of nutrients, so serious damage can happen.

Home damage is caused by a variety of pests, and knowing there may be pests in your home can cause unneeded worry. If you’re experiencing issues with any of these and other common household pests, call Modern Pest Services, the experts in pest control in Boothbay, Maine. Modern Pest Services offers free inspections, so you don’t have to wonder if pests are a problem for you.