Tips for Preventing Spring Pests

As the temperature gets higher in Maine and the northeast, so does the number of pests in your home. When you perform spring cleaning this year, get proactive about preventing pests by targeting certain areas of your home. Modern Pest’s tips to spring cleaning for creepy crawlies includes focus areas in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and basement. Doing a deep scrubbing will also help you determine if you have an infestation, and when it’s time to call an exterminator in Freeport, ME.

Follow this quick tips to help you avoid pest infestation before it starts.

Crumbs in the Kitchen

Cabinets, under the stove, behind the fridge and in the pantry are just a few places that bugs like to hang out in the kitchen. Make sure to clean the following areas.

  • Behind and under kitchen appliances
  • Shelves and walls in cabinets and pantries
  • Trashcan and lid
  • Walls, ceiling, and baseboards

Last, check the plumbing in your kitchen for gaps, and make sure to properly seal them. If you find dead pests or rodent feces in any of these places in your kitchen, call pest control in Freeport, ME to get an estimate.

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Keep it Out of the Bedroom

When cleaning the bedrooms, check for moth damage to clothing. Clean out drawers and closets, including the corners where webs and moth nests are.

Slow down when vacuuming the carpet. The dirt, food and skin cells that end up in carpets are what attracts pests. Use the vacuum’s hose to clean along baseboards, ceilings, fans and curtains.

Give your mattress a quick vacuum to remove any dust mites that may be on the outside of it. If you’re waking up to bites on your skin, though, that’s not a dust mite – it could be a bed bug, and that means it’s time to call an exterminator in Freeport, ME.

Beyond the Bathroom Basics

Besides giving your bathroom a good scrubbing, you can use this opportunity to repair any leaky pipes or broken sealants around your toilet and bathtub. A bathroom is a generally humid area in your home, and will attract a lot of bugs as a result. When you’re done cleaning, make sure to dry any standing water around sinks and the bathtub.

Blast the Basement

Some general rules for cleaning the basement include:

  • Get rid of clutter. You’re inviting pests with boxes and furniture.
  • Get the corners. That’s where a lot of pests will live.
  • Clean drains. Standing water is calling cockroaches near and far.
  • Seal the cracks. This is where all the bugs are getting in.
  • Search for rodent nests and feces. You’ll know it as soon as you see it.

The basement is usually the most bug infested area of a home. If you’re squeamish, don a pair of large gloves, a hat, tall shoes and a face mask to tackle the job.

Signs of an infestation can range dramatically, but finding rodent nests and feces, moth-eaten clothes, chewed up furniture or boxes, lots of sticky spots and even large amounts of dead bugs can all be signs it’s time to call pest control in Freeport, ME. If you think your home is infested, Modern Pest can put together a detailed plan of attack that will clean up your pest problem quick.