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Nuisances such as aggressive birds and hungry raccoons also can also be handled safely by Modern Pest Services specialists. Raccoons can be trapped and transported to other locations, and a variety of simple methods can encourage most unwanted birds to find other venues for their activities.

Whatever your pest control needs, Modern Pest Services of Westbrook or Portland, Maine will implement an effective long-term solution.

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Serving residential and commercial clients in Southern and Coastal Maine, including Portland, Gorham, Raymond, Bridgton, Biddeford and York

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General Manager: Jeremy Devore
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Pests Common to this Area

As with virtually every other inhabited area across the globe, residents and business owners in southern  Maine struggle with troublesome pests of all kinds. Cockroach control in Westbrook, Biddeford, Gorham and surrounding areas are no less a problem than it is for Boston or other larger population centers, and the rise of insecticide-resistant roach colonies has only increased the need for professional pest control measures. Carrying disease and the potential to induce severe allergic reactions in asthmatic children and other sensitive individuals, cockroaches require expertise for complete eradication and entry-point control.

Modern Pest Services aims to please with our HomeCare Green Program that covers many pests in addition to roaches. Modern Pest Services also caters to commercial clients such as restaurants, vacation-cabin management companies, healthcare facilities and educational institutions with our EcoCare Programs. Health inspectors particularly like to see that food-handling facilities have paid proper attention to sanitation procedures as prescribed by state and local laws and regulations.

While curious wildlife seeking food or new locations for nests may not be as disgusting and undesirable as cockroaches, common animals such as red, grey and flying squirrels, skunks and groundhogs have the potential for damaging property and carrying diseases that can affect humans. Although human transmission rates tend to be low in the developed world, bats are notorious for serving as a vector for rabies, one of the most dangerous mammalian diseases. The expert team at Modern Pest Services has accumulated considerable experience with specific remediation procedures for each kind of animal problem, including damage repair and exclusion techniques that discourage further encroachments.

Modern Pest Services – Proudly Serving Portland Maine Area

Located in Southern Maine, Westbrook and its surrounding cities offer a great mix of attractions that draw both tourists and locals alike. Maine’s largest city, Portland, is adjacent to Westbrook. Portland’s Old Port section is a great place to shop, and offers some of the best restaurants in the state. The Portland Museum of Art and Portland Symphony Orchestra also shouldn’t be missed. The area also features more outdoorsy attractions, such as the Eastern Promenade, a 68.2-acre public park and recreation area. The 2.1-mile paved trail is popular with bicyclists. Thirty minutes east of Westbrook is Cape Elizabeth, home to Fort Williams Park and the famous Portland Head Light. Commissioned by George Washington in the late 1700s, it’s often called the most photographed lighthouse in the world. A 30-minute drive north on route 295 is Freeport, home of L.L. Bean. The huge store is famous for its high-quality clothing and outdoor gear. Freeport boasts an array of over 50 outlet stores, and numerous dining options. The greater Westbrook area is easily accessed by Portland International Jetport, which hosts close to two million passengers per year. Southern Maine’s summers delight residents and visiting tourists who adore the region’s many forests, rivers, lakes and proximity to the ocean. Even the typically cold winters are bearable for longtime residents who cannot imagine living anywhere else. Still, no region is without its imperfections, and the twin trespasses of aggressive insects and overly inquisitive wildlife cannot be ignored in Westbrook or Portland, Maine.

Portland, Maine’s historic Old Port district

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