Patient Care and Comfort is Critical

ecocare HEALTH offers comprehensive pest management solutions to meet the stringent control and prevention requirements set by the Joint Commission’s Environment of Care standards for health care facilities including hospitals, doctors’ offices, assisted living facilities and research laboratories.

ecocare HEALTH is tailored to your specific needs using a combination of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, hospital-targeted protocols, and client input. We work closely with you to establish a comprehensive care solution that is flexible and responsive.

ecocare HEALTH Additional Services

  • Quality of Service (QOS) Validation Audits
  • Quality Care Review (QCR)
  • Automated escalation protocols with e-mail alerts
  • Staff training on IPM, bedbug protocols, and other topics as needed
  • Flexible pricing and billing options for larger accounts
  • On-site and/or electronic Logbooks

We Help Protect Your Brand, Reputation and Bottom Line

Effective Protection: We identify and monitor all points of entry and potential travel routes and react quickly to keep pests out.

Health and Safety: We provide a comprehensive pest management program to help contribute to a clean, disease-free environment for your patients, caregivers and visitors.

Maintain Patient Confidence: We’ll help you avoid public scrutiny and potential loss of income by keeping your facility pest-free.

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