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The suburban area of Bangor is a magnet for small pests that want to join people in buildings where it’s warm and offers a food source. No one lives or works in airtight fortresses that have been sealed up against all possible invaders, which means that the need for pest control in Bangor, ME, arises. Millions of small critters fly, scuttle or squirm across the outdoor expanses of our country, but only a few of them tend to be a problem inside buildings. Cockroaches, mice and fire ants have historically proven to be unique challenges that require the attention of Modern Pest Services technicians.

Pests Common to this Area

Cockroaches and mice love to force their way through the smallest cracks in buildings in all climates, and Bangor is no exception. It’s no accident that these ancient pests have thrived along with the rise of human civilization — perfectly adapted to surviving on the littlest crumbs of spilled or unprotected food, mice and cockroaches will endlessly breed unless brought under control by a professional pest control specialist. Simple home remedies may occasionally work to some extent, but cockroaches and mice are very hardy and resilient creatures. Only a professional solution will eradicate pests in the many hidden corners and secret hiding places and keep them away long term. For best results, mice control in Bangor, ME, is best administered by experienced technicians. The European fire ant is one of Maine’s most aggressive invasive species and has become nuisance pests within the coastal and inland communities of Maine. Fire ants thrive in a humid environment, which is why Maine is the perfect home for them. They make their homes in your lawn and landscape – in the soil, under rocks and even in potted plants.  These stinging pests become aggressive if their nests are disturbed, which is why it’s best to contact Modern Pest Services for ant control in Bangor, ME.

The Modern Solution

Modern Pest Services of Bangor, Maine specializes in professional removal of unwanted infestations. Seeing cockroaches or mice inside a home is unpleasant enough, but restaurants, commercial lodgings and other businesses that depend on sanitary environments cannot tolerate any infestations at all. Businesses, homeowners, farmers and others in need of cockroach control or other pest removal services in Bangor, Brewer, Ellsworth and surrounding areas,  can rely on Modern Pest Services to effectively treat any pest problem and prevent recurrence.

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