The Property Manager’s Complete Guide to Controlling Mosquitoes and Ticks

As a property manager, you are responsible for protecting your reputation and your customer’s safety. Tick and mosquito infestations are a growing threat in New England. Nothing can shut down an otherwise enjoyable outdoor activity like being bitten by a swarm of mosquitos, or finding ticks all over clothes and skin. For guests at common areas, campgrounds, parks, and other facilities, nothing brings more peace of mind than knowing that they won’t have to worry about treating mosquito bites or swatting pests off their skin. An area popular with people and pets will quickly receive bad word of mouth if it’s equally popular with ticks and mosquitos. Give your guests and patrons comfort and freedom from mosquitos with an effective commercial tick and mosquito control solution.

You want your customers to use your outdoor spaces frequently, and to keep coming back. You also want them to spread positive word-of-mouth. Bad reviews on social media can affect a business’s reputation very quickly. By stopping the harmful and annoying impact of ticks and mosquitos, you can potentially extend your busy season. Effective and safe pest control can maximize public well-being and minimize effects to the environment. It is also cost-effective. If a business shuts down to treat a sudden infestation, profits will be lost.

In this eBook, you’ll find valuable information from expert entomologists, aimed at helping you to identify and remedy mosquito and tick breeding and harborage around your properties. Filled with insider-only educational tips and suggestions, you can arm yourself with the knowledge of mosquito and ticks and help protect yourself, your business, and your tenants.