Moth fly identification for pest control in MA, ME, and NH

Moth Flies

Adults are about 1/16 – 1/4 inch in length and range in color from yellowish, brownish-gray to a blackish color. Their wings are shaped similar to a leaf and have white specks on them. Both the body and the wings are hairy. The antennae are long and fuzzy looking.

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Where Does It Live?

Moth flies are also commonly known as drain flies. Due to their small size, they are able to enter structures through window or door screens. They are poor fliers, so are usually seen crawling on surfaces.

What Is Their Diet?

They feed on nectar and polluted water.

What Is Their Reproduction Cycle?

The adult female lays 30 to 100 eggs on the gel like film inside drains and garbage containers. From the time the egg is laid and the developmental stages it goes through it is about 7 to 28 days before the fly emerges. Generally, the moth fly will remain in the area where it hatched.

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