Centipede identification for pest control in ME, MA, and NH


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Yellowish to dark brown, the centipede ranges in length from 1/8 – 6 inches. Their bodies are flattened with 10 to 177 segments and usually one pair of legs per segment.

Preferring damp, moist areas, centipedes are frequently found in basements, storage areas and bathrooms. Outdoors, they tend to be under an accumulation of leaves, under stones, decaying firewood, mulch, etc. Generally, they are active at night. Although centipedes can bite, the bite is seldom worse than a bee sting.

Their main diet consists of insects, spiders and other arthropods.

They generally lay about 35 eggs in the summer. The newly hatched centipede has only four pairs of legs, and after each molt the number of body segments and legs increase. Depending on the species the centipede can live from 1 – 5 years.