House cricket identification

House Crickets

The adult house cricket is about 3/4 – 7/8 inch in length and a yellowish brown color. There are three dark bands on their head, and they have long, slender antennae. The wings on the adult lay flat on their backs.

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What is the House Cricket's Diet?

Outdoors, house crickets feed on plants and other insects. Indoors, they will also eat plants and insects. But they will also chew large holes in fabrics.

What is the House Cricket's Reproductive Cycle?

The male house cricket rubs his front wings together to attract females. Female crickets lay an average of 728 eggs outdoors, and 104 eggs indoors at room temperature.

Where do House Crickets Live?

In warmer weather, house crickets usually live outdoors, and are often found near garbage. In the colder months, they seek shelter. Crickets are nocturnal, hiding in warm, dark places during the day.

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